D.E.A. undercover survelliance camera


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The lines on a power pole are cable/data/phone on the the bottom. Residential/commercial electrical service in the middle and local distribution up top.

Like stated above...thats a junction box for low power cable/data/phone. Ask me how I know, and here is a hint ...its not that i work for the DEA.

You need to reline the tinfoil in your hat, the reptilians can see you now.

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Il do a comparison picture of a normal power line versus there camera later. Where i live its old. These cameras are brand new


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Follow that Verizon truck see where it goes , or covertly stick a tracking device on it.I mean that's what Ethan Hunt , and Jason Bourne would do.Just dont go Tony Montana on the poor Verizon guy just yet,and if you do , and he starts crying he'll give you free cable.....chances are he's the cable guy afterall......hahahaha

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A normal electrical pole.


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I'd be a little bit more paranoid if I was you...

It seems pretty obvious that they've been watching you for years...