Crooked8 Tests Karma/Hortilab Genetics Starbud sister x biker and sour power x biker

Alpen rock

Member was well worth the wait!!
Killer job on these Crooked, everything looks insanely tasty:woohoo::woohoo:

Was just wondering what your last pheno was (the leafy godsgift:)) sour power or starbud offspring?

Thanks for sharing, mad skills :tiphat:


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Shes a starbud sis x biker, one of 3 i kept. I only have one sour power x biker pheno. To be honest, i am beyond happy with these. This is amazing.


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I've always been kinda interested in that star bud sister since it's release... More reason to grab a pack of these here... This is getting rediculous how many strains I want to get from karma genetics now...