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Fungal Repositories
Hello my ICMAG family.

I'm farmerlion, I have decided to release some of the very rare genetics that I have been growing and making selections for early onset of flowering and finishing times for outdoor and greenhouse growers.

Since these strains need less moon light hours, I'm calling this series of seeds.

Moon Strangler 🌙

I have a theme I like but am open to your thoughts and interpretations. I'm an ordained servant of Jesus Christ so nothing satanic or graphic occult.

I see a scarecrow reaching up choking a sliver moon, (rated Scooby-Doo)ish. From a top an old broken down barn, hay stack. Windmill, etc. Here are some pictures of an old barn to start the thought process.

I will supply $500 of Elite Moon Strangler Series genetics to the winner and $100.00 US dollars. If multiple drawings are selected each drawing will receive the same prize/awarded.

I thank you all for your consideration, this contest will run through New Years of 2022/2023 this coming January 1st. Unless I select a winning proposal before that time. Feel free to Pm me or ask any questions about the contest here.
Peace farmerlion


Fungal Repositories
Where is administration?
It is important.
What is your concern? I spoke with Gypsy before I started this contest, I had asked to also give out a Quarter Pound of cannabis for the winning entry. That was shot down as I expected.

What is administration supposed to do? I'm curious as to your alarm and hysteria? Should all contests be for a participant ribbon...

Peace farmerlion

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