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Guys and gals,

I am travelling without a computer access and will not be able to respond to pm's for the next few weeks.. if you do not get a response don't thnk you are being ignored.

I'll get back to you when I have more consistent internet access.

Interesting times in the near future, and I will certainly will have some exciting things to show you when I get back.

Hope you all are having a great season,


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Wish I was trailblazin with ya, have a fantastic trip~ Bring us back some goodies, not just a stinkin T-shirt!


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Thanks for the heads up Chimera, Hope you have a great journey!

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Hey Chimera,

My HMxBB "mexican midgets" F2's had a 50/50 male/fem ratio; of the two males that I kept, one had no apparent BB traits, and two of the five fems are definately from the mex side. That means that my two HMxBB females has now given me BB leaning F2's, mex leaning F3's, and female seed plants of everything in between. This cross has been a pheno hunting dream for me, and you were right...the wild side did come out in the F2's. And if the mex leaning f2's don't go through the roof in flowering (only one week in) I can safely say that I have the indoors HMxBB. Thank god for those two "throwbacks" that I was blessed with!

Mental Floss is up next year and shanti's SSH & Nordle can stay in the fridge until...whenever!

Enjoy your travels.

Resprectfully yours,



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Travels are great... always interesting people, places, and plants!

I have some great pics to show you when I get to a computer on which I can upload photos.

Tom Hill and Cannacopia were kind enough to donate some of their products to be grown along side some of my hybrids, to the tune of some 4500 seeds in total.... some 3-4 tons for solely for hashish production.

I can't wait to show you the pure Deep Chunk, X18, GFxBB, MF, RKSxDC, Deep Chunkolate and Chunky cheese (among others) grown under intense north African sun, All fed with a drip irragation system and spanish nutrients daily.. certainly something very very seldom seen in the area, if not non-exitant.

I think it will be something impressive for everyone... it was a pleasure for me to see and I have seen a few jungles in my time... I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Be well all, and thanks for the kind words!


hey Chimera sounds like an excellent adventure you are on! i have a few questions for you about this grow. how much difference in the smoked buds will it be compared to your indoor grow you think? i am aware that outdoor will alter the look,smell, and smoke but do you think it will be an improvement? hate to ask but how big are they going to get 7-10 feet? i commend you and all those who are helping you in such a large scale, it must be very daunting! will you be trying out new crosses you made or just working with what you mentioned? i am a huge fan of yours and wish i still had access to some of your older lines, i truly loved your northernlight strains! BTW i think a pheno of your MENTALFOSS
is making the rounds with the bikers in my area. the story from what i gathered is that a certain biker
(bob)got it off some master hydro grower up in B.C. the biker claims that this pheno of FLOSS generates 2.5 grams per watt, and that you personally have knowledge of said clone. he could be blowing smoke out of his ass for all i know but he sure wont let this clone out for no one at all!!!! one night i even joking around said i give hime some good $ for it but i was shot down quick, he said he couldnt due to promise he made with the crew that gave it to him. when i smoke his FLOSS its like drinking MINUTEMAID fruit punch, thats what lingers in my mouth and on my lips. KUDOS to you on the parent combo you did to get the FLOSS! hope your outdoor goes to harvest with no police/ripper/mold issues, cant wait to see the pix
sounds like some candy for the brain!

3-4 tons of bud for hash!

cant wait to see those pics,,, what spanish nutrients did you use man?