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chloe's kush and victoria's haze thread

if any one gets these freebees or happens to purchase these seeds please post your grow here as im not able to grow anymore and if you are from Missouri or Michigan please request these seeds

here's what I sent to Clarence:

sorry for the delay but life has kept me away from growing. I made these seed in memory of my daughters twins who passed at birth. so if anyone from the D 313 area code please pick these up and grow them out:tiphat: !!!

these are real genetics sourced from my hashish guy in Pakistan. lots of purples to be had in both offerings.

chloes kush
80 to 90% indica huge yield some phenos come in at 7 weeks most 9 weeks smells like purple babyshit grapey fruity ? lots of females strong plants vigorous easy to grow go easy on the nutes haven't been tried outdoors

victoria's haze

we took a purple oldtimes haze went 14or 16 weeks and crossed them with an early flowering purpleish male from the seeds I got from pakistanvery good yields of fruity spicy pepperish buds no fo the faint at heart. had me hearing shit cant smoke too much of this as its some trippy shit. had 2 weeks cure need about 2 to 4 mon ths id say

please give these away as 5 pack freebees or maybe some priced at 5 or ten bucks so everybody can try them out