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That's actually an ipad pro that i got back in february. To be honest with you, nothing is like drawing on paper. However, the ability to redo and mirror draw on Procreate is pretty nice. I mostly just use it for quick sketching. Make sure to buy the screen cover that gives it a rough texture feel to it.


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Here's the full badge set for Lansky at


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I liked the wood engraving. Do you do all the work yourself? That's impressive. I wonder what kind of boxes you have, or if you have any at all. I mean, when you order a big batch, you need somewhere to put the bags. This will contribute to preserving the quality of the product and protect it from possible shock, falling on it, unwanted sunlight, moisture, and more. Boxes are an integral part of almost any product you see in the store. Exceptionally well done by the guys from *******
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great work! i like your styles!
but a shame about the beef.
I wish you one day somehow get rid of this, in a positive way for both parties.


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Uncle Mac's Black Mac Solventless Rosin is coming again this spring in California. Labels I designed and printed for him. Give him a follow @uncle_macs on instagram!
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