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I've found some further informations in English:

The four government approved strains​

The Thai Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA) has approved planting these strains across the country for the Medicinal Plant Research Institute under the Department of Medical Sciences.

Each of these contains different ratios of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to CBD (cannabidiol) in order to meet a broad therapeutic profile.

For instance, the TT1 strain contains more THC and will naturally be psychoactive, while ST1 is more along the lines of equal parts of THC and CBD. Similarly, RD1 is bred to provide high amounts of CBD.

The strains identified are as follows.

Hang Kra Rog Phu Phan ST1​

Large, bushy flowers, looks like a squirrel’s tail which is directly translated to ‘Hang Kra Rok’ in Thai. It has a rich aroma similar to mangoes with no pungent smell.

It has equal parts CBD and THC.

Hang Suea Sakon Nakhon TT1​

This strain has long flowers like a rudder and smells like orange peel with a slightly pungent scent.

Hang Suea Sakon Nakhon TT1 has more THC than CBD.

Tanaosri Kan Khaw WA1​

It has the appearance of tightly clustered flowers; smells like orange peel mixed with lemongrass.

Like the TT1 strain, this too has more THC content and a less pungent smell than the TT1 variety.

Tanaosri Kan Daeng RD1​

Similar to WA1 but is red on the branches, stems, and petioles. Has a sweet, pleasant aroma without any pungent scent. It has more cannabidiol content than THC, making it the least psychoactive type among the four marijuana strains.

Compared with the marijuana database globally, these strains were found to be grown only in Thailand.

The Medical Department will study these strains and their benefits in collaboration with Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Sakonnakhon Campus and Kasetsart University Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Campus.

The video Id posted showed the look of the plants but Im not sure if people would be able to watch it or not coz it was weird to post it.
I WANTED PEOPLE TO SEE IT WITH THEIR OWN EYES. Because they can go seedhunting and them crank head dealer will give their hybrids from England and tell them it is what ever names they asked for.
I didn't know it neither last week until some Thai farmer in SISAKET told me hence my immediate posting for the down-to-earth people.
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I've found the plants displayed in the video beautiful: pale green, long and elegant leaves that look perfectly edible, fluffy and feathery flowers...thaï beauties

It is age restricted because seeing a plant might be too much for children or something. So need to be logged in (and old enough) to see it.
@goingrey LOL you're real people type dark comedy and shit... I like your style dude.


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Ever since the cannabis laws were amended in Thailand for the good of the people, there has been a significant interest in understanding the plants better. Under the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of Medical Sciences is leading the way by promoting research and collaborating with leading universities across the country.

To that end, four cannabis strains have been developed to boost the medical marijuana industry and allow people to explore the benefits of cannabis fully. Interestingly, these strains are homegrown in a bid to promote the local farming industry and further reduce the dependence on foreign cannabis.

These buds will also be added to Thailand’s National Heritage List. The objective of this is to:


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As a first step, 30 species of Thai cannabis will be listed as a “National Wisdom Heritage” of Thailand. It is expected that the Culture Ministry will then proceed with the registration by March 2022 and subsequently apply for a Unesco listing in 2023.



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In Cambodia, the true landrace is mostly being hybridized due to heavy modern hybrid imports. And commercialy I've seen and smoked all kinda hybrids but not the real Cambodian "Laos Strain" is the best weed around the whole Cambodia! So seeds hunters will have a big time confusion now a day...

CAMBODIAN SATIVA View attachment 18724836
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Hhhmm did you start this thread on other sites about a year ago ?....nice pics


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As a first step, 30 species of Thai cannabis will be listed as a “National Wisdom Heritage” of Thailand. It is expected that the Culture Ministry will then proceed with the registration by March 2022 and subsequently apply for a Unesco listing in 2023.

Really?!... UNESCO!
THAT THAI PRESIDENT IS TRIPPING AGAIN (AFTER HIS FUCKED UP CANNABIS LEGALIZATION) "Yes it is legal but you will be arrested if you smoke!" without paying me ... No wonder why THAI PEOPLE HATE HIS ASS. Buying some seeds from ENGLAND or wherever the fuck... And start to lie his ass off to the world!


Just wait when Mr. President HUN SEN will legalize it in CAMBODIA.
My guess is "yes it is legal... so smoke wherever the fuck you feel like".
Coming soon in CAMBODIA and our president, he don't FAKE!
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