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bub is back.

OG bub

ICMag Supporter
Hi everyone.
Well I'm back. I've got tons of catching up to do. It Will be difficult and timely. But I am back. I have limited service and ability for a short period. HTC will be back full tilt soon.
I've missed my friends here, and our community a lot over the past few years.
I hope everyone is well.
Be safe. bub.


Well-known member
Great to see you back Bub!!

Can't wait to see what you've got up you're sleeve!

Really good to see ya posting again man.




ICMag Donor
yes bub, nice to hear you guys returning... i heard some good things about you..
what strains you look to be working with for the comeback?


Well-known member
Happy days, great to see another fighter back in the game Again ...

WIsh You and HTC all the best with warm Blessing !

Big up


Bodhisattva of the Earth
Chat Moderator
ICMag Supporter
Woooop woooooo glad to see you out and about Bub
Nam myoho renge kyo !!!


Welcome back, bub!

Was just looking through my seed collection and some of the HTC packs caught my attention. I have a few of your offerings... and I'm thinking that it might be time to do some jammin'... aka jamaican jammin'!!! ;)

If you have plans to re-release the Nepalese Hash Plant, I'm in for some of that!

Be safe and be well, sir!


no wuckin furries!
(just posted in other thread...)


This is so tripped out...just thought today...just out of nowhere...wonder when OG BUB will be out???....and come on and see this!!!..trippy!!!

Hey man glad to see you out!...I even went inside myself and out again...but thats another story!.

Congrats on getting out!!!.HH.=]-~

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