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its likely the seeds are kept in teh fridge ;) GA may help get enzymes going, not sure the cold stratification has been proven to work for cannabis seeds, just once they dry they seem to sproat just fine unlike some species that require stratification. lets remember majority of cannabis has some equatorial where it does not get cold. certainly would be a fun experiment esp with dif landraces!

Rory Borealis

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To each their own. My personal experiments have proven the freezing method to work on Landrace seeds shipped direct from India that have never been grown inside the United States. It has also worked with 3 dozen poly hybrid varieties of varying genetics. Irrazinig from Indian Landrace Genetics has even posted similar findings on Instagram, regarding the unique varieties that he is sourcing from vastly different areas of the Indian sub-continent. I have also frozen seeds from equatorial locations like Thailand, Congo and hot climates like Malawi. No problem sprouting any instance. I have noticed increased sprouting vigor for stubborn seeds.

Do remember, all cannabis genetics originate from the Mongolian steppe/Northwestern China. The cold environmental conditioning is thus epigenetically imprinted into all cannabis genes.


Crazy X Seeds Breeder
I've got landrace seeds nearly 30 years old in my fridge which is kept at 3*C, and they all sprout. If they don't sprout after a week, i will skuff the splitting edge of the seed with sandpaper, and they sprout within days. I always use the paper towel method and never plant direct into soil, you can keep a close eye on them this way so you know they have germinated.