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Cheers mate. Upped my hash game a bit I would like to grow just for hash. Would be good. Could do with investing in a freeze dryer if I'm going to go down that route lol

Sounds like a plan the freeze dryer keep us informed 😉.👍


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Please do inform us, because

This is the UK forum at the minute



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Now then gentelman/ladies

Not much to talk about really. Freeze dryer is still on the back burner.
I did put one of the hollyweed plants threw my bubble bags 150. I got 20% back 21g 73mu 7g 25mu 2 or 3g 160.

Haha cloneman

Green81 the Hollyweeds was a real winner I smoked about 3oz and she just kept getting better the more I smoked. Yielded great as well. I got another packet of them after realizing I should of taken cuts lol.


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All of the Bodhi orig OG hybrids to the Ghash look great. I want to get my hands of that time bandit, the one with the wifi as mother