Bonzo BoUnCeS back...:)


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Howdy my friends :woohoo:

Its been a long time. I just got a new place and am biulding it out into a semi Lung room setup with room for expansion for veg, clone, mother and maybe a lil' pollen chuckin' here and there:woohoo:

Gonna be runnin' a stadium thingy in coco fed every 4 hours or so for 15 minutes or so...rtw probably. (HGO style)

Thinkin' House & Garden nutes, simple simple. (subject to change)

3 or 4k vert bare bulbs, might mix-up spectrums/bulbs.

Air exchange will be swamp cooler in/14" max fan rated at 1700cfm out with a window shaker AC for backup. (subject to change) :biggrin:

Somehow ive managed to hold onto the OGRE cut some of you have seen on my old thread. She is a sturdy girl, bugs dont like her and she eats just about anything and likes it AND i think shes kinda perty too! :peacock:

The flower area is 10' x 15' x 8' ceiling.

Still alot of work to be done but im just itchin' to git er goin'!


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few more...hope to see some old friends and meet some new ones :)

peace and prosperity! :woohoo:


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You will not be forgotten
looks like a great room to get renovated and up n running!

great to see you back around brotha! cant wait to see you get everything set up and running, all my best wishes going out to you and ill be dropping in again soon to see how everything is progressing for you, peace pot and micro dot! :joint:


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Brotha DB what it do dude!? welcome and thanks for the positive JUJU!:woohoo:

i forgot to mention i put in an order today with the bay for Connoiseur Genetics ChemJones and a couple other things, fun things to come...:biggrin:

peace :)


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Thats going to be a good looking space. Keep up the good work and keep us posted. :tiphat:


Hey Bonzo, how's it going? So glad I happened to stumble upon this thread. Subscribed!
I have also switched to vertical & coco recently. Can't wait to see what you do with this new grow space. Always a big fan of your threads. :)


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Howdy Husker Du! :)

Its got potential caljim for sure! I'm on a shoestring budget so its gonna have to come together little by little but the main flower room im thinkin' 2 weeks or less we can get some OGRE in there! :)

Shorts my brotha what it is! I was thinkin' about ya last night puttin' this up and goddang here you are! You runnin' a stadium? awesome man! this is gonna be fun! :)

I got a lil' more framing done today, tryin' to find a free door but its lookin' like the Depot for 54 bucks, not bad. :)

thanks for droppin' in my friends!

peace and love!

Hundred Gram Oz

Our Work is Never Over
Hey man you have some nice space to work with, I didn't even realise that you had a thread going to I seen it in the new posts section. One thing I can't stop telling people is that growing with Run to Waste / Drain to Waste = extra yield and a far smaller chance of disease spreading and killing or damaging your yield, a lot of people are put off and think that they are losing out on the extra nutes but trust me, come harvest time you will see the difference and realise that you have gained, not lost.

I hear ya on itching to get a log started, it looks like you got a great room there my buddy, I'll be here to the end, I know you will give us all a kickass show.

Sending your new room lots of Irish blessings and plenty of good luck for heavy harvests!

Best Vibez


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Real Sweet Bonz!!:woohoo:.I love new projects like that,and just veiwing what can come to fruition in my head is awesome!Then when it actually happens,its way more betterer,lol.Cant wait to see where this takes ya Bro.Good Luck:tiphat:....


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last thread i think i read bout was when u were running the skush in ebb and flo buckets.


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Right on bonzo, I too love to watch a new room come togather...
I'll be hang'n out in the back somewhere, get all chopped up ! :smoker:

:lurk: Best of luck in the new diggs !


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WOOO HOOO! WOW! hello my friends! happy sunday! thank you for stoppin' by!:woohoo: you guys kick ass!!!! :woohoo: be back later with update! :woohoo:



Over here on my bucket waitin for good things...........

Good luck Bro....Freds...:ying:....


I still remember yer old cab brother! Glad to see you're doing what you should be doing, and what you enjoy to do! Work Work Work for that harvest! Lemme know if you need a hand bro!