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Well I suppose I should have my own grow diary. First I wanna say thanks to ICMag and countless users on this site. I've totally changed the way I grow and have a whole new love for the hobby.

Feel free to stop in anytime and ask questions, make suggestions, share ideas, and really if ya just wanna say hi and smoke a fattie I'm fairly easy to get along with.

K ...on with my set up. I plan on keeping my whole garden show in this thread and linking it in my sig....we'll see how that goes for this rookie.

This is my Mom veg area. Clones and various stages of LST. Pretty straight forward.

After that I move a few choice clones into the flower bins and place in the "SCROG Prep Area" here they can fill up the screen and be all set for the flower cabinet.

My Flower Cabinet is a PAX Wardrobe from IKEA ...basically the same as all the Mills Pride C13 C25 cabs if I remember the models right ....if anyone wants the specs I'll dig them up. The Light is a 430W Hortilux Eye on a standard 430 ballast. 1000W hood and tempered glass for the air cooled hood and a little mod to centre the lamp. A 6" vortex on speed control. DIY Carbon Scrubber and passive intake. I still have a few mods to do when I get some more sliding swivel tv shelves for the them picked out...very sweet.
k here's the Cab

Fast forward ......
Here we are at about Day 37 and a new Screen has just been added.

(Edit) I'm not sure how this happened but I just noticed my original post of this pic here somehow hyperspaced and replaced itself with a different pic. This one should be right now. (Edit Mar 17)

and here's some misc bud porn from this run.

Here's 2 of my MILF's

Well I guess that's about it for now...kinda gives an idea of what I got goin on. Oh...too funny...I keep forgetting my 150 tent

That little tent sits in the same room as my Veg area. All cosey in about a 6' x 7' room. With room to walk in between as you can see above. The Tent is on the opposite wall as the VEG Section.

Think that's it now...I really feel like this is a small set-up. It is only for personal and I plan on having 5 different strains for different medicinal purposes. Right now my strains are LUI and SuperSkunk x Kush.
My set-up is safe of electrical fire and I no longer have that near heart attack feeling of running through fields with garbage bags full of a years supply of meds. No more outdoor grows for me and with this little perpetual harvest I am no threat to society. I pay my taxes, I vote, I go to community meetings and I am a good person in my eyes. The only law I break is this one and it affects no one but me.

Peace and Bright White Light and thank you to the owners of this site and all the members that have inspired me. Special note to all the mods that keep this place clean and respectful. This is my first experience with a forum of any kind and it's been a great experience so far. Mucho Respect!!!!!

All questions, comments, and banter welcome.

And last but not least...I had this in my signature till I started this thread...I'll add it here so I still make the statement but no longer need a super long signature to tell ya how I feel.

Previous Signature..."I post on this site to contribute to the cannabis community and maybe help change the world and how cannabis is perceived. I hide nothing but my true name and location and post my whole grow in my gallery. By doing this I have shown I am no threat to soceity and should be left alone to grow my personal medicine. I am not a dealer and never will be. Legalize it now and take the power out of the hands of organized crime.

Release everyone that has been incarcerated for putting a substance into their own body. Why are my tax dollars being spent on this? I don't care what other people do to their own bodies. It costs 25k - 50k or more a year to incarcerate someone!!!!!"

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Truth, NiteTiger, Cardboardts...thanks fer checkin in. I appreciate the compliments.

Here's an update.

150 Cab with a week of flower now...first hairs showed this morning.

And here's a Water Drip System that works awsome and I fully recommend it to everyone that grows ...Great design for a gravity feed but I just can't slow it down enough to not flood my floor.

I'm trying to come up with a system that will help me be able to leave for a week at a time if need be.
And yes I know....DWC ...probobly go that route soon enough. I just want to learn more about it before I attempt it.



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Nice diary, brotha. Too bad about the flooding....

Can you use this tube and drippers (bought separately) and connect to your rez? These may allow much less watering....,2280,54307&ap=1


I also like this passive system where the plants only take as they need:



I personally enjoy DWC over any other method. it is not complicated, doesn't require too much work, and you don't worry about problems arising as much.
Hi BonsaiGrower, i like the setup man, i seen the name and just had to take a look, i remember back on OG i had a micro mom thread it was great, love the bonsai's by the way, good work :)


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heyyy does anyone have experience with those drippers?
the 2 an a half bag one?

would that be good for outdoor crops? to just hang a bag from the tree an have it give plants water when its dry?


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Hey folks...thanks for stopping by...mucho respect to ya.

Heady...I have the bag system as well.....I bought the gravity feed system and a bag full of replacement drippers and connected it all mcgyver like. It's totally awsome and works perfect just as designed....only thing is after about 1 hour the small pots were full and run-off started...and after about 12 hours the big recycling bins started to run-off as well. So....nice experiment, but no go for indoors. I did however check out the other feeders that draw water as needed. Kinda expensive to go that route but I think they could be added instead of the drippers. I don't think the gravity would push water through it if I had the system lower than the plants. That way it still works on a draw rather than gravity...make sense? thanks for the help...I'll look into what else can be done. You see Heady...without a system in place there will be no visits from me ... Can't trust the roomates to water them and don't want anyone knowing about my secret garden....Maybe I'll have to start thinkin DWC Organic. ... tell me folks....will I notice a big change in flavour? ... for good or bad with DWC...I love the organic soil taste.

Hey Trev...thanks for stoppin in...ya man...outside for a drip system these things rock. ...and if you were thinkin for out in the could add a funnel and tape it to the opening in the bag so it collected rain water.

Truth...ya man..>DWC seems like the way to go in the future...dunno...we'll see. thanks man.

alphacat .. you mean my cfls in the veg area? .... dunno man... sure if I wanted too. The pic makes it look pretty dull in there but it's really bright enough...I get no stretch like you normally would with floros being that far away. The secret is vertical lighting. I take this from all my years walking in and out of office buildings and seeing lush house plants miles from floros but living well....over the course of a year I would see the plants bush up and live well...I take this from the whole area being basked in even light and not intense from one area. We'll see what contreversey that stirs up here though.

stealthsheild ...welcome welcome new friend...thanks man...Bonsai have been in my home for a long now that I'm "micro" growing MMJ it was an easy transition. Stay in touch.

mtnjohn ....hello my friend...thanks...that's an honour from you man.

cadillachydro ...stop by anytime man...thanks thanks.

Peace everyone...BG


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Hempman...thanks man...ya the veg area is workin great. Lots of space and just enough light for everything to grow well. Easy access and counter top height is easy on my old rickidy back.

Here's what came in the mail this morning.

woot woot .... now....desicions decisions...what's first?

Thanks for stoppin by folks. I hope I am a good contribution to this site.


again...thanks for everyones support and input along this journey of cannabis growth.
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Interesting, bud. So, if you watered the bins they would not be good for a couple days? Do they dry out that fast?

Another option might be to incorporate a runoff collection system like a tray under your pots and some hose and a bottom rez to catch the runoff. As long as the bottom rez holds more than the top fresh water rez, you will have no flood problems. You can adjust the drain on the tray for small pots to release slowly so the pots sit in water for a half day and slowly drain out dry, thus buying you a few days rest. Seeing as you have spent all that dough-re-me on the stuff you already have, seems a shame to have to abandon it all.

Another option is a solenoid valve
( on a digitimer to open and close at regular intervals, thus minimizing flooding, maximizing your watering, and automating the whole thing. They are standard inground sprinkler item that take 24VDC, I believe. Connect to a DC adapter or look into the basic timer model that goes with the valve. Timer opens the valve at a predetermined time (like right after lights on), waters, closes, and opens again when next required. It will takes some observation and tweaking to get the pattern right, but may just do the trick for you. Get a model with flow control and you can further tweak the soak rate. They are less than $20 + timer and adapter.

If you go DWC, all that good stuff will be wasted.

Good luck and we'll keep up with the brainstorming and hopefully help you out.

Cheers bro!


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Heady...ya the bins are good for 2 days ... I only water them every second day with about 1.5 gallons. It's my veg area and 4" pots that dry out every day. As for a run-off collection system....yup..thinkin about somethin there. The system and all the parts including bits and bites was less than 100 bucks and will come in handy in my tomato vegetable it'll never be money wasted even if I don't use it in my secret garden. I wouldn't be able to trust a timer....not with water I'd have to set up a collection system'll get out the scratch pad again and see what I can design...stay posted...eventually I'll get it right...or I'll switch to DWC. Thanks for being a great friend heady and lookin into some info for me. Say hi to the Mrs. for me...and scratch the cats!


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No problemo. I look forward to seeing your solution. Everything else has been nice and profesh so I know you will sort it out proper.

The Mrs. is scratched and I said hi to the catz....wait a sec.........................:D



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Update........Day 45 Left Screen and 1 week for the Right Screen...Day 45 Bud Shot ....Legends Ultimate frosty.


Heady...ha...funny she liked that. I know you guys don't celebrate V-Day but it must have been nice to have her home from work all day yesterday. Husbands and Wifes that are best friends and in love is truely inspiring. God Bless you both.



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Looking DAMN good! +++++

Quick question: Are you trimming off the undergrowth underneath the canopy in your flowering SOG?

Why or why not?

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