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bodhi seeds info exchange and sharing thread....


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Any ideas or testing available on Wookie to see if it has CBD in its profile. I ran the at home test and my Wookie crosses (Pinesoul & Cocoon) appear to test positive.


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You are from the USA? If it's the case there is some labs who could make an analysis of your plants, I have no idea of the cost for the cannabinoid content but it's certainly your best option to know what you're looking for. I have not seen any grower posting lab result of this cross on this forum.
How fiable are the home test for CBD content, just rerun more tests to confirm the first result.


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Time Bender


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It's Congo Black x Wookie. The description said " Dissociative effect... for heads that like unique effects."

If it is a Male, he'll be a daddy. This one had best growth pattern, and strongest stem-rub smell from the pack.


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Today is a good day. One of the Dread Bread I have been vegging for months in random places, turned out to be male. I took a few clones when I saw the preflowers, but then I got a suspicious a few days ago. Today I confirmed balls. I chopped off everything, but the main stalk. I also defoliated most of the plant. I will use the pollen to hit every single female I have, since my tent has a blue dream close to chop and will soon be free for a breeding run. This plant is strong, easy to grow, vigorous, looked very afghan early on with huge fan leaves the size of my hand. I defoliated them because they stunk like fuel and not discreet. I also have a female Dread Bread going and will update. At the moment, she's tiny and looks like a different pheno.
Bodhi Dread Bread Male in isolation.JPG
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Great to hear this guys. Do they accept cards or do you send money? I can work with either
Cash in envelope within an envelope.

I'm in Ontario, I don't put tracking on it (costs around $20), always arrives, and I always get confirmation of cash payment received, than I get a tracking/shipping # for the order.

I sometimes order there. :)


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