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BlackOut -Heath Robinson's BlackRose x The White/F13


Was lucky enough to grab a 10 pack of these. They are called BlackOut (Black Rose X The White/F13) and popped 5 a couple weeks back 100 % germ and got em rocking in cups of coco.



auction off the bay had to have them would not let them pass, very inspired by heath and would love to find a similar pheno and do work with it


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Glad to see the Black Out show up in a thread of their own! :dance013: Subscribed!
100% germ rate huh...not bad ;)
Thanks for starting the show Tfresh420! Your in for a treat w/ these!
Keep it Killer! :laughing:


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I am incredibly excited to follow this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long do you plan on vegging for?

Then finally a few questions for the Doctor, Poison that is!
Quick Question Brother, I am between your BlackOut and DF's Magenta99. I will probably end up buying both though. And I am more interested in purchasing BlackOut than your BlackDiesel because I will be growing quasi Commercially this round and BlackOut will flower faster I am assuming according to its genetic background, correct?

My final question is what percentage of phenos show dark purple flowers? Solid purple, not semi purple, 1-10? 1-20? or is it a needle in a haystack? I know that PCK's purple crosses over nice, which is obviously shown with Magenta99, but what about black roses?



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Cool...the thread is back in biz! :dance013:

Sorry for delayed reply wdcf,

I been out of the loop as of late. Lost internet connection and havent been online much. Working on getting back up, but just been crazy busy lately!

You are correct, BlackOut will flower a bit quicker than the BlackDiesel, maybe a week or two depending on pheno.

I find w/ the BlackRose crosses, approx 25% will represent the mom phenotypically. Approx 50% will show some nice purpling with the hybrids. You will also see some nice coloring brought over from the White/F13 father. In my BlackOut, keep in mind that a small % of the beans where also made with the BlackRose - CherryAK47 mom, so the dark purple color will be recessive and will not show up as often as with the Purple BR mother. With the Ak47 pheno you lose a bit of color, but make up for it w/ potency and yield! ;)

Working on getting the new releases over to the Bay. Ran into a bit of a kink, but getting back in order. Sorry for the delay folks. Stay tuned IC.

DrPoison :laughing:
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Wow, I can't remember the last time I heard the name heath robinson... He is the man.

Do, not, lose this strain...


Here's an update;

I started giving them half strength Lucas last week and just transplanted them last night. Once they take off a little more I will feed full Lucas with cal-mag. The taller two are about 7-8'' and when they get to be around 18'' I will flower. Can't wait to see them finish. :dance013:

I'd say about another 3 weeks and the real show will start.
Thanks for stopping by.