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black congolese


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Black congolese aka African black , I am working with a number of africans landraces from Congo , Malawi , Madagaskar , Mozambique , South Africa and a few others .

Out of 60 seeds we had 2 congo's show colour one smells like typical sandal wood the topic of these pictures smells like grapes .

The plants are being trimmed now so we have no idea of taste , I will have analytical results later today , I will up date .


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very nice. what's going on with african threads these days. love it but none gets going really.

I hope you find many special plants and make seeds. don't forget me when you're sending them. where did you get them?


Very interesting plants, looking forward to smoke reports, Ive heard Congo strains usually have a very clear alert effect.
Are the Madagaskar typical sativa's?


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They don't have the classic african landrace structure, more like african hybrids. First reminds me to banghi congolese (purple pheno) seen here on ICMAG, probably a cross with an old african strain preserved in the Canary Islands for decades. What's the source of all those landrace strains (congo, malawi, madagaskar, mozambique...)? There were seedbanks that used to offer them years ago, it's great to see they are still around in some form. Hopefully they will come back to the community somehow.

Rinse, Madagaskar has crazy tropical strains, like Mauritius or Reunion, probably the same genepool related to South Indian and African strains and acclimatised to the volcanic soils and extreme rainy tropical conditions.

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I tried to post pictures of madagaskar for some reason I can not from where I am I will post more pic's tomorrow , Turkish landraces willie nelson , Red congo in contrast to Landrace congo and more !


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Nice work Charles :tiphat:

DJ Short once said that Black African or African Black was the strongest smoke he had ever encountered .

I'm going to try Ciskei this up and coming grow season in my GH

Glad to see your still holding a interest in the sats bro.


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Nice work Charles :tiphat:

DJ Short once said that Black African or African Black was the strongest smoke he had ever encountered .

Yes.. this is what many thought reeferman was selling when they were advertised at 180 per pack of 10 seeds. Personally.. I think anyone who flushed $ down the toilet on these or that other hoax vietnamese being offered should get a refund plus an additional 500 dollars for emotional distress from Reeferman himself. What do you think Charles?