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Biden: No Guns for Weed Smokers

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On Thursday, the federal court struck down a California law barring people with domestic violence restraining orders from possessing guns. The ruling, written by Wilson, made Newsom hopping mad.

“Wake up, America — this assault on our safety will only accelerate,” Newsom spouted in a statement.

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“This is serious — and it’s coming to California. We are probably only weeks away from another activist judge, Judge Roger Benitez, striking down California’s bans on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. California will continue to fight against these extremist judges to protect our residents’ right to be free from gun violence.”

The California law targeted people the state believed to be domestic violence threats. You don’t need much evidence to get a restraining order in California, according to attorney George Gedulin. Anybody with a bone to pick could abuse the California gun law in question.


Three Berries

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Increases in homicide rates tend to be treated by state and federal politicians as if they are broadly distributed national problems to scare Americans into supporting overly broad-brush “solutions.”

But Lott’s research shows instead that “homicide rates have spiked, but most of America has remained untouched.”

Or as David Strom summarized the results, “There are vast swathes of the country where violent crime is very, very rare, and small areas of the country where it is common.” If that is true, we should focus our attention on those small areas, not on national policies poorly focused on where the actual problems are most severe.

First, he focused on county-level data rather than national data. Some of the dramatic results he found:

  • The worst five counties (Cook, Los Angeles, Harris, Philadelphia, and New York) accounted for about 15 percent of homicides.
  • The worst 1 percent of counties (31), with 21 percent of the US population, accounted for 42 percent of the homicides.
  • The worst 2 percent of counties (62), with 31 percent of the population, accounted for 56 percent of the homicides.
  • The worst 5 percent of counties (155), with 47 percent of the population, accounted for 73 percent of the homicides.
  • In contrast, over half of US counties (52 percent) had zero homicides in 2020, and roughly one-sixth of the counties (16 percent) had only one.