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Beyond the brain new 2020 edition mandala seeds has anyone grown or smoked


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Hi please post any pictures and experiences from this seed line its something that o have been wanting to breed for myself since it's first beta release 10 years ago I just love the description and it's very affordable so what the hell am I waiting for?
I will buy this strain very soon but for now let us know if you have any experiences with this beautiful seed. hopefully I'm not let down when I grow this o man why have I waited so long to grow this? because this is my type of weed I definitely want to make f2 and breed it with some strains for more kick ass type mind highs I love these type of highs it's the transcendental part that tickles my fancy......

GeneticsColombian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line)
Typemainly sativa
Highcrystal-clear, cerebral, expansive, social, energizing, transcendental
Aromaminty, sweet, thyme, spicy
Harvest time (outdoor)mid-October (warm region), end of October/November (greenhouse - north)
Flowering time (indoor)70+ days
Yield dry (organic)350-650 gr/m2; 600-1000 gr. p.p. outdoor in the ground
Plant heightmedium-tall


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Sound rather interesting. Power /pounds.
rolandomota, you for sure ,going for that blow off your head top, experience.
Good luck .