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Balms and Salves


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The older I get the more I ache, and my coworkers also have aches, many have wanted to go with a canna-muscle rub, and since now here it is legal recreationally, and our job quit testing for it since it is allowed.
I want to come up with a simple/effective full spectrum muscle rub.
I can get things like beeswax, vegetable glycerin, vitamin e oil, etc.
I have access to a lot of concentrates, full melts, 99% diamonds, etc
I can get any Whole Melts concentrates, and I feel like they may work well, better than the diamonds as the diamonds has most of the fat/lipids removed...
I would boost the THC with the diamond powder...
I know how to decarboxylate.
I have just never tried to make a balm before, so I am looking for tips, etc

Like I am thinking having a good bit of CBD with THC, since CBD is said to be good with pain relief, I will also THC it up because I believe both help with pain, for me anyway.


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I know what you are talking about when it comes to aches and pains friend. Every day seems to get a little harder to move without pain. There are a few members who are experts in this subject and will help you. Hold what you got and thanks for the interesting questions.

Keep us posted on the results you find.


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As massage therapist articular pains are a problem people often ask me to solve. In my experience i see that is rare the articulation is the main problem, instead too many times the muscles activating the articulation are responsables of a joint compression.

Where there's the pain there's not the problem

I usually massage to lease muscles around the painful articulation with good results.
All that help muscles to improve circulation is good, massage as first, but heat and thermal care is perfect to me, as all the essential oils helping the muscle's warming.

Thinking to a massage oil to apply on muscles enriched with THC-CBD combo i suggest a simple almond oil or coconut oil if is more easy to get where you live, a 1:1 THC-CBD strain boot to reach 15%-20% and a 2% of essential oil like rosemary, canphor, lavander, caspicum and other like this.

When you work with massage on muscles, depending on position of the pain, the amount of pressure you use says how much deep you go... You should use a fast, warming down-up movement to gently warm the muscle or you should also reach the deep of the muscle with a strong and firm pressure with elbow. This is tipically painful but it's a kind of pain mixed with a pleasing feeling of relaxation ...if you feel this kind of pain just keep pressing that spot (not a moving pressure, keep the pressure in one single spot) and you will notice the pain decreasing in less then 1-2 minutes... Do this on the muscles around the painful joint and you will experience an improved mobility.

If the spot is on your back and none can massage you, try with a tennis ball, place it on the ground and lay down on it until you find the painful spot on the muscle and apply the firm pressure.

Let me know if it help, my english is not so good, but hope at least you can understand


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I made the wife's horse a nice hoof wax using 5 ounce of northern lights, some beeswax and some coconut oil.
It was meant to be a muscle rub for me, but I ended up stinking of dope all day when I used it and it really was a bit too thick to get into my skin.
Anyway, the horse is happy as anything and always licking them damn fine looking hooves! :whee:

But I'd say work out what you want to use it for and get the consistency right before wasting any dope in the mix.
Then use the right consistency stuff... Alcohol extractions for massage oils and maybe coconut oil extractions for balms??
Also essential oils may help with availability and stinkability too.

Also a slow cooker will be your best friend to get stuff mixed and decarbed if needed.

Good luck, I'll follow along and see if you get some good stuff going!


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Good info from all, I understand massage and balms can and should go hand in hand.
I like the idea of getting a good consistency before adding costly ingredients/the dope. :D

I think I remember that thread from years back on OverGrow, never paid much attention to it then because I only grew and smoked, I never really made hash, etc...

I'll work on making some soon, if I can stop smoking all the concentrate. :D

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