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autos in soil vs. coco - dtw setup


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ive always been a soil and organics grower so trying coco means there's a lot of things i get to experiment with. strains are [chem de la chem x chemdogging] and [sweet ' sour] by mephisto. the primary leaves on these autos are wayyyy more plush/large than they would be in soil. i can just feel the monster yields from here :biggrin:.

im already running these two strains in soil under a 315cmh in 5 gallons. they're at exactly a month old and about to start flowering hard. i'll get to have a side by side taste/effect/smell/yield comparison of autos in coco vs soil. ill let yall know whats what!


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Nice plants! I switched from promix to coco this year and honestly would never go back


Funky set up Flowerboy, first time ive seen this system used having been off boards a good ten years, healthy looking set iv a feeling youll be very happy with coco.

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