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Anyone Run Highland Mex x BB?


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Great work everyone!! You all are killing it.

@el mani That girl looks like a perfect blend of blueberry and HM to my eyes. Looks like she’s filling in with some nice spears too! Great morphology and those purple stems and leaf veins scream blueberry. She is a BEAUTY. How’s she looking?

el mani

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There's still some of it left in the jars and in the freezer.
The rest is in my lungs :giggle:

I remenber specially some ice hash of it.

I sprouted 11 seeds of these ( F2 version ordered from Breeders retail shop two years ago), but was bit unlucky with male/female ratio. I ended up with 9 plants (two didnt sprouted). And it is 2 females and 7 males.
One of the females is triploid. It developed with 3 first leaves and continues growing this way. Looks realy nice. Will see in the future I didnt flowered yet, just took clones and trying to root em. Also I did cut tops of males and I am trying to collect pollen from all of them to be able to fertilise my two females in order to have as much genetic possibilities as much for next generation.


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So… After the sale, we found a load more of the HM x BB f2. Maybe 19 packs worth or so. We really don’t have many of the original left..

Although we aren’t open at the moment.. We might do another pop-up style shop in a few months.. You heard it here first.
Wait, there are still some F1’s??? Color me intrigued


my strength is a number, and my soul lies in every
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My small group of hm x bb f2, two really vigorous long internode female specimen and one male with tighter internodes, stronger lateral branching and darker foliage


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