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I have been very inspired by reading about the strains from ACE, and the episodes from the Potcast was extremely interesting. I could listen to @dubi talking about breeding for days.

So, I was hoping to get some advice on what strain to choose.

I have been growing for a few years. Most easy growing sativa/indica hybrids. My last grow was Kali Mist. I grow indoors in soil. So I am not a total beginner, but also not so experienced.

I love the effects of Kali Mist. Creative, talkative, social, happy and uplifting. Great for hiking in the nature.

Maybe some of you could recommend a couple of strains in the same alley as KM. I am not so fond of the very nervous sativas. More the loving, uplifting, dancing, be with friends type.




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I believe we are after the same effects. I am of the opinion that you can find these qualities in many low-to-medium potency equatorial-leaning lines. Perhaps our ability to discern and enjoy the various subtle positive/enhancing/active effects is better when THC is lower in the mix. I've grown Malawi, Panama, Bangi Haze, and Honduras, of which Honduras is still my favorite. BH is considerably stronger, and quite energizing without much anxiety, but feels one-dimensional somehow, not as interesting or mentally stimulating as Honduras. Panama could hit really hard also, and is definitely on the trippier, am-i-being-followed side. My one Malawi felt a bit too stony, slow, muddy. Honduras really shone despite being the least "potent", with an energetic, focused, and active effect - but in balance with a dose of euphoria and a general feeling of well-being and attunement. The effect does not try to monopolize your time, it works with your flow instead of against it.

Having said all that, my next selection project is most likely going to be from a pack of Thai Chi fems. Of the ACE catalogue, I think Thai Chi has the best chance to beat Honduras for my go-to everyday herb. But hey! Who said it was a competition? ;)

Best of luck in your search, and grow safe.


Thank´s a lot for your suggestions. I really appreciate that you take your time to answer me.

What you say is exactly what I want. And when I read the description of Honduras, it seems to fit the bill.
I also agree with you on Thai Chi. That was the strain I was most interested in, but I can see that Ace is out of stock.
Honduras X Panama also seems interesting.

Did you grow Honduras indoors?

@Koondense @Azn00superman
Panama x Bhangi Haze and Panama is also on the list:)

What did you like about the Kali China?


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Did you grow Honduras indoors?

Yes - it can be a bit of a challenge. Lots of vigor in this line! Some individuals can get quite large, but 11/13 from seed can mitigate it somewhat if you are doing a selection run, and you can even sex them while still in small 2.5'' pots. As you transplant, keep them back in smaller containers longer to control size. On the other hand, if you have the horizontal space, scrog works really well with larger containers and an extended veg phase.


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What did you like about the Kali China?

The effect first and foremost. Nice balanced high in both the head and body too also interesting aromas and incense hang when smoked. Have tried Zamaldelica which was good too but although I found Malawi to be the strongest it's also on the stony side for me.


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Welcome to our room :) @LHC and apologies for not replying earlier, i missed somehow your thread.

If you like Kali Mist terps and effects then you are going to love Kali China and its hybrids such as Thai Chi.
Panama x Bangi Haze is indeed a top sativa dom hybrid that has it all although maybe it's too strong for that you are looking for.

Beside Kali China and Thai Chi, i would also recommend you Congo, Honduras x Panama, Nepal Jam x Kali China, Orient Express and Tikal.
I'm sure you are going to love the effects coming from these strains, and after that we can recommend you stronger strains if you want to.

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Thank´s a lot for your advice @dubi

I have ordered Honduras and Panama x Bangi Haze through my local seed reseller now, but I will have your advice on my mind for future grows.
You’ll love them both! They’re both strong favorites of mine. If you get a good purple pheno of the Honduras, you’ll have all the super up “head high” you can handle. 😂 She’ll give you some rocket boots for sure. The green pheno is also really good and a total “old school” kind of smoke if you were lucky enough to get good stuff from down south back in the 90’s and prior.

With the Panama x Bangi, a long cure does it wonders. At 2months cure it was “good” and I blew through a bunch of it. Whoops. At 3-4months it became super tasty and the incense really started to pop.
At 6+… hang onto your butt if your tolerance is low. She got really good. Very up and happy feeling, great body feel, amazing flavor/smells and she hits you fast.


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Definitely Panama. Easy to grow, monster yield, fast flowering.

dont forget beautiful!
atta_050603_PAN (1).jpg
atta_050604_PAN (2).jpg


After a visit to my seed dealer, I ended up with:

Honduras reg
Panama x Bangi Haze reg
Panama x Bangi haze fem
Hashplant Haze x Kali China fem
Auto Zamaldelica x Northern Lights

I very happy, and plan to grow PBH and HPH x KC first.

Best regards