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A real Canadian MMPR - Financial Info wated, Investors / Partners / Top Jobs WANTED

[FONT=&quot]Who we are and what we need and want?[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]We are a small group of young successful business people (under 40) in the smallest province of Canada. We're in the process of applying for an MMPR license to produce and sell medical marijuana. We already have a full business plan drafted with accompanying financials. With the recent court injunction allowing current patients to continue growing, we feel that we are no longer behind but instead are now in a better position to hone the accuracy of both our forecasted financials as well as industry stats and past performance of these kinds of operations.....which is LIMITED to say the least! But, the responsible and realistic we want to approach this, is to provide our investors / owners, government lending departments we've spoken with with the most transparent, realistic and accurate (considering the information at hand) modeled business and financial plan. Our current draft copy has already been lauded by those we've spoke to throughout the process, as being believable, doable and, "not so greedy as to get lost in the BIG numbers" (this was from our provincial governments lending arm).

This is the first "public" acknowledgment we are making that we too are applying for an MMPR license for a facility to be located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This is in no way however a solicitation of investment, rather for information and hopefully some new partners to add to our already strong leadership team.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Problem: Lack of Information on industry and specifically as a grower for the MMPR program. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Throughout this process our biggest issue has / was / is finding reliable financial(s) to base our forecasts and planning on. Since we believe numbers are a key success factor in any business (no less a start up in a brand new industry) all we've been able to find is a single study in the "grey market". The issue is numbers given / used weren’t reflective of the changes / advancements that will come with being in the legal pharmaceutical industry. Things like, operational and start up costs, sales / growth per sq ft, equipment needed (and what is the best based on other companies experiences), security costs etc. Just the setups of legal grow operations will see a operational cost drop so significant it would allow for the possible price drop of a lb of dried marijuana to $1,000 to today's economic terms ....cost per lb being $300 - $400 for high quality product. However, this can’t all be achieved at once, but, instead of trying to justify why prices will remain as high as they are to begin with (as almost every other “forecasted” amounts being fed to the media by current players) we see it as how markets act in the real world, and factor in large price drops, but all the while maintaining profitability due to PLANNING. Again, we are not going to be a single revenue company, we have ideas on ancillary industries and expansion of product offerings from edibles to cannabinoid pills, but at a reasonable pace so as to not grow the company to death.

[FONT=&quot]One example of man vs machine is:[/FONT]
ie. technology for trimming:$14K machine is purchased, it's able to do in 4 hrs what it takes 50 manually.

[FONT=&quot]This creates yet another problem in that these claims can't technically be verified with anything available from a reputable place, industry analysts, statistics, nothing!!! We've had to do all of our own forecasting when considering the scalability of the industry. That's not to say were going to be one of the companies saying were using 180K sq ft to produce....or that they are going to produce 1.3 million pounds (one company) for the market in Canada....these are discussed below.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Our Approach:[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]All of that was a way of saying, we are approaching it very differently....ours is a long term approach with sustainability and years and years of both profitability and growth....yes, were still in the planning phase / application process....but after spending the past 5 days doing nothing but research / reading on what's going on now....I'm both disgusted and excited....there's a lot of shenanigans going on in the MMPR market, we officially have 12 licensed producers, of which only 3 (max) are ready to ship......then, the injunction happened.....a lot of these guys are in trouble because of it, not to mention a lot of others that have built million dollar facilities WITHOUT having a license......because now even if they get approved, who's going to buy it?? The injunction means the 25K+ users that currently grow their own, well, they’re going to continue while the injunction makes its way through the system......that's a minimum of 6 mos before it's again even heard.......

Again, this was GREAT news to us! Not only can we continue to prepare what we believe to be the best, realistic and eventually very profitable business (plan), but we can also see what shakes out in the industry...who's got cash to operate with no revenue....what's going to happen to the craziness that is the OTC market here in Canada as well as the US.....also, it means that first move advantage is still part of the game as a few more months allows us time to continue with our strategy.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]We have had discussions already with Health Canada as well as government finance department related to business plan and possible financing of location. Our local City Councillor has agreed to help with whatever red tape is necessary on the civic level, including talks with RCMP which were initiated 2 weeks ago.

What we are looking for here?[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]First we are seeking any and all financial information on start up costs , operational costs, manufacturing numbers (process times, man vs machine etc)... basically ANY business information related to any of them. We're already very strong here working off other similar agricultural markets / products, factoring in and justifying (with numbers, not just words) the available equipment to replace a lot of what has been man hours working in the "dark" (Criminal world)...[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Second: We are seeking staffing

QA is a very important aspect of the industry and our strategy, so were looking for experienced people that have worked in the manufacturing / agriculture products industry. We plan on concentrating on the customer as opposed to mass appeal in the beginning (one of the tips I read from the US market was DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR CORE CUSTOMERS - MEDICAL purposes) whereby one if not the most important aspect will be the quality of our products and those processes as well as our future plans, for edibles etc. I personally worked in a manufacturing environment and have been exposed to a lot of GMP, but what we want to do is create a team of people that combined will make the perfect "person" for this type of company....

Growers with previous experience and no criminal convictions....we realize the best talent is going to somehow have to transition to legal arena, but we're prepared to take the initiative and if need be, legally challenge the issue. Government and Police have to realize with any criminal industry becoming legit, there's that pool of talent that's used to being hidden. I'm sure most want to be doing it legitimately and if vetted properly, they could become indispensable to the company and its products. We're willing to talk to anyone that wants to make the transition and fits the criteria. At the end of the day, yes science / scientists will help with the future of plants and growing, however there's already 20 years of to notch experience in the Canadian pot industry that I think should be tapped. It wasn't companies winning the Cannabis Cup a few years ago......so please, don't hesitate to contact me. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]We have and want more of the lead team to lean towards aggressive approaches to business, hard workers - a lot of work will need to be done fast and perfectly with likely little pay to start. Equity incentives will be allocated to all the team equally

Both positions above will be part of the ownership structure equally entire leadership / ownership group. Owners will be employees and we want everyone to benefit.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]What's in it for employees (of the growers that worked under the auspicious of crime)?[/FONT][FONT=&quot]
We want everyone (including possible employee equity program for future) to be trying their hardest for the company, but themselves as well.....we believe attitudes and work ethic from this type of compensation breeds innovation leading to increased profitability!!! People are the most important factors of a company’s successes and failures. We believe we’ll be looking for upwards of 30 employees within 12 – 18 months.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Why be private:[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I believe a company is best run as a private company and at this moment, it's possible to start and build a very large private company in this industry. Largely because it's a brand new industry that's being made up daily, growth rate of the industry is pegged at 64% yr over yr for next 10 years (which if you consider the revised numbers for Colorado and Washington now pegged at almost $1B each, up 100% from before Jan 1) then were looking as astronomical numbers......considering that the CO & WA numbers are recreational, but, here in Canada "decriminalization" is more what will likely happen within 2 years anyway....this is still great news, means personal is 1OZ.....but we just consider the medicinal for now, if and when that happens, it'll be a substantial change and will definitely affect forecasts, but until then, we remain "conservative" by not financially considering it. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]We have no intention of going to OTC...this is a privately owned proposition. We have contacts through our dealings the past month with suppliers, advisers and local business people / friends....whereby we are confident we can raise necessary start up and working capital without it (OTC). Also, our plan calls for expansions that can be self financed from cash flows due to our stage approach to growth....again, pointing out we have a plan to make this a strong financially and personnel driven company.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot] We're well on our way...but want to do it right, starting with crop that'll generate $3mm in revenue,y1.....but our plan is focused on expanding past growing. vertical integration plans, partnering with university on R&D....we expect to have 3 revenue streams by year 5 thereby both profiting and limiting our risk. We plan to generate revenue day 1 and believe our strategies to diversify, integrate and grow with the industry is the best, most profitable and most fiscally responsible, because if I can quote CEN....they're "approved " to sell 1.3 million pounds in the MMPR market......huh, have they done any due diligence on the sheer possibility??? If all are to be believed, the market will flood itself......I mean, there are only a total of 37,000 - 40000 possible "customers" right now......and that's not including the 15+ other companies saying they're going to produce e equivalent amounts by way of announcing the sq ft they plan to have for production......[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Ours is a realistic take on it....compared to what's currently being said.....where are the forecasts of costs, man hours, bottom line profits.....r&d....im sure there are some nice "bonuses" built in that will allow the original investors in these companies to make their money before production begins.....the OTC is a mess financially....there is no justification for market valuations on non licensed companies.....they are at real risk of having real estate / equipment that'll be useless if their license apps are rejected .....[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Believe you me, there will be some![/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]But that's another strategy of ours....with this current injunction, there's realistically a small amount of revenue that's available to the 12 current companies, because as we know, most people grew their own....so companies that have built on mere speculation are going to hemorrhage cash.....were instead going to use this time to further hone the financials / forecasts, research possible relationships with established "providers" to source for product as well as continue our talks with the leading concentrate infused edible products.....we don't have one and are only beginning to talk now that they had a chance to review our plans......edibles are not allowed as per Health Canada.......so he's not been approached by any others in the MMPR market, which bodes well for our first face to face chat this week.[/FONT]

The Industry and Current Problems with “representative companies / ideas” in the Industry:[/FONT]
It's an exciting time, a chance to work in a brand new industry with scary future prospect for industry size, profitability, medical advancements and likely, recreationally all within one NEW industry.... However, I'm just so disturbed of late as to the companies "representing" the industry on the OTC and the eventual implosion of a lot of them due to the "shady" dealings ...at the moment it's a gold rush and most of these companies are preying on that.....but, with our plan this doesn't concern us in the least, we know what we’re proposing and it's a REAL plan.[/FONT]



[FONT=&quot]Most companies on OTC or applicants do not have a solid plan, with some going so far as to lie about the "ready to build " letters....which believe me, mean nothing. It's a way for the Gov't to keep applicants happy by allowing them to believe the process is moving ahead......and broke ground??? where and when? What we've done is approached it from a $$$ point of view and as a long term business, not get our millions and get out (CEN is another company....read their notes to FS....theyre current CEO, though not now) owned 50% of a holding company that has a note payable over $ 6MM....on top of other stock buys.....they wrote off two whereby they paid foolish amounts of money for.....i could go on, but theses people aren't serious long term... .[/FONT]


This is CAANvest....its intercompnany shenanigans is I dunno what to call is...just check the notes to FS, maybe I'm being biased....


See if you can't locate the shit this guy managed to pull off using shares, like personal loans, issuing millions in stock to buy arms length companies only to write them off....but pocketing cadh.....there's ‎a ton of this going on atm with numerous other companies within the industry, and a couple of the Canadian companies are aligning with these guys....shady is an understatement, and once it comes out, I think the smaller private operations like I'm proposing are going to be ok, because under it all, the economics are legitimate!!!!! It's just shaking the bad reputation, which I think it has come a long way....but when some of these scams come out, there's going to be some I told u so's....but, it'll be to a point that u can't argue with what I believe to be a billion dollar industry....within a short 2 - 3 years (north American medicinal that is.....if recreation gets topped on that....$$$$$$)

[FONT=&quot]Our Operation (Simplified):[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]We are looking at $ 1.5MM start up and operational funds, our plan will start generating revenue immediately even without our own crop ready. Revenue Y1 $3MM[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]So....again, any help with the financials....and anyone interested in helping would be well compensated and appreciated [/FONT]
Current Leadership Team:
The people already in place make up a top notch financial and operational management team, each bringing great business experience and prior successes in other industries. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]1. My background in commercial banking for 5 years, 9 years with biggest manufacturer on PEI (sales and finance) on top of my own Consulting practice - business plans - strategy and financial research / forecasting.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]2. Prof in Finance is silent partner, but indispensable adviser and eventual investor who's contacts will be so important in the start up pha. He's been instrumental in getting us to this point, but is not currently involved or assumed to be in the future, a day to day person.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]3. Leading grower - though not specific to this crop, but already has a lot of capital equipment for "growing" part of the process. Also, knowledge on soil / hydroponic setups is regarded as tops locally.

4. An advisor for QA. Has years of experience in a program with leading pharmaceutical company locally. He will be helping on a macro level as we need someone for day to day implementation and execution.[/FONT]

There is a first move advantage to companies in the industry, however we reiterate that with the current court injunction it both dries up much needed revenue / cash flow for existing operations while allowing applicants with a more methodical approach much needed months to finalize plans and applications. We feel that we are one of those companies poised to enter a brand new market and grow to be one of the most respected and revered for our approach.....

Please reply with your e-mail and we can talk about employment, a look at our financial / business plan and / or any other questions related to this project.[/FONT]
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Imseeing the same thing around here. Groups of bankers politicians and businessmen trying to cash in in the legal ride and have 0.0 experience in the weedmarket. All the people who have experience can't qualify to own a place Luke this.and all the people who can qualify Dont know how to run it.something tells me we are going about this the wrong way. It really makes me sick thinking back to all the people who told me the learning weed was a dead end road. Now all those same people are begging for our help.
This reads as if it were written by a chicken. Honestly, if you want investors, at the very least make your proposal readable. Best of luck anyways.


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So, no money, no grower = Profit?

Using my finely honed math skills, I have translated this equation for the laymen.

Underpants + ? = Profit
First, I would like to address the actual write up, this was done by one of my "helpful" friends the other night while we were all discussing things. The actual business plan / investor information has been created and reviewed by a financing professional as well; a business professor; government lending agencies and potential private investors. What the person was doing on here (or was supposed to) is post our need / want for the two positions mentioned. Unfortunately she got a little excited and wrote up (even though not the greatest) on the company's operations and plans. Our management team doesn't have a problem with what she's done, because it only took 20 min for her to do this all up. To me, that tells me that we are doing the right things....if our employees are able to understand information like this, then it's like was said, the more employees are involved, the better things will go!!!

Anyway, I tried to find a way to delete it, as there is information on there I don't think should be out there as of this moment but could not. If people can disregard the promotion / explanation of the company, we are seeking a QA as well as a MASTER grower! We have 2 people (growers) that have been working in the field for a number of years, however we need someone that can be listed (as well as knowing their stuff) on our leadership team!

So, to those that bashed her post, take it easy people first and second, do you enjoy taking swipes at people? if you thought it was horrible, wouldn't it be more adult to give constructive criticism as opposed to the immaturity I've so far seen....although, one person did privately contact me about getting in touch with someone, but the replies to this post, for the most part, are childish and personally I think naive....


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plz keep this thread on topic... this community is about helping not hurting...
somebody needs to step up and answer the mans questions....
taking the questions seriously.... or just move on and find another thread to troll.....
I appreciate the "adult" reply yortbogey as well as Chemovar for suggestions and offers to help. However, since I'm new, I'm not sure how or if I'm able to message / reply to your private messages......is there another way to talk if that's the case? Again, thanks


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I'm confused. I was told py payaso the MOd around here that posts like this were not allowed by The TOU. He is basically asking to "meet" an icmag member. I was told this is strictly prohibited even by legit businesses in legal states. I even had 2 threads deleted over it.
Sorry to confuse, I'm not asking to meet in person nor talk on the phone. However I'm new to this forum and I've had to "private" messages sent to my account and my issue is how to reply......I can't seem to find anywhere on the page......

This not related to a forum reply, rather a message I can only see through my profile.....

Again, new at this so if I did something incorrectly, please advise and I will correct ASAP


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I'm confused. I was told py payaso the MOd around here that posts like this were not allowed by The TOU. He is basically asking to "meet" an icmag member. I was told this is strictly prohibited even by legit businesses in legal states. I even had 2 threads deleted over it.

totally. if this forum section is going to do what it appears to be set up to do... above the board business networking... then...? an update/re-eval of the tou is required. after all, trading cuts is even tolerated now a days. times r a changin

gl ron... for the one side of the coin... respect the endeavor u r taking on. basically u need to find a guy w real life operation management experience (w a degree pref), a clean criminal record, and ideally commercial mj experience... and a decent & trustworthy person to boot. where else is there a place to bridge those gaps? would b pretty cool if the mag steps up, certainly a real world need.
totally. if this forum section is going to do what it appears to be set up to do... above the board business networking... then...? an update/re-eval of the tou is required. after all, trading cuts is even tolerated now a days. times r a changin

gl ron... for the one side of the coin... respect the endeavor u r taking on. basically u need to find a guy w real life operation management experience (w a degree pref), a clean criminal record, and ideally commercial mj experience... and a decent & trustworthy person to boot. where else is there a place to bridge those gaps? would b pretty cool if the mag steps up, certainly a real world need.
We have the "business"" side of things covered between myself (5 years commercial banking and 9 years with provinces largest manufacturer) as well as a Proffessor of Business / Finance....but your right, we are lacking someone with "real world" experience in growing....hence why I thought I would throw it out there (not the original post.....this was taken out of context when I asked someone to post help wanted).....

Again though, I'm confused as to what exactly I did (or someone) else did wrong on here?


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you didnt do anything wrong.

we are just moving through the pains of legitimization. after all... people that grow are still hunted down & jailed like animals... like the person you are looking for... one w 'experience'. even in the licensed states, our fed gov't keeps tabs on em, can disregard state law & pounce at any time.

its mostly a safety concern on the boards... just cant know who the other person is, and that could wind up a devastating mistake. and maybe, some one extends it out & tries to claim the site facilitated whatever activity. its still a very dangerous endeavor.

but that doesnt discount of your legitimate need. u didnt do anything wrong.


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this specific forum is newly designed and opened for this exact type of thread... legit cannabis Businesses...


I mean as in the old mmpr program has been extended 1 year as its being appealed and may continue to allow small grows for however long. As long as the small personal grows r legal the big ones will struggle.


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Dont worry OP I am just as confused as you. Yortbogey I mean no offence but you should have a mod meeting with payaso and figure out what exactly is and isn't allowed.

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