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got no wife I’m very happily divorced , but get fresh baked apple pies !

Ichabod Crane

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got no wife I’m very happily divorced , but get fresh baked apple pies ! View attachment 18786868
My favorite pie is a Sara Lee peach high pie. not as soupy as most pies. More like pieces of fruit wrapped in a shell. But I can't eat them anymore since I got celiacs. Plus, I don't work there anymore, and it was a food service pie and not sold to the public. Only to restaurants. I used to eat a 10 inch pie every day plus 4 meals on top of that. They had a company picnic, and I ate 12 chicken sandwiches, chips, carrots and a whole pie one time. Back when I ate 7-8000 calories a day. At least that is what my wife told me. I never tracked it.

Ichabod Crane

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When I had all my physical faculties & I was running my landscaping business full tilt >> was in motion from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep ..God knows how many calories I burnt? I miss those days
Yeah I am not what I was when I was younger either. Had a life insurance physical and it came back super preferred. I had a 58 inch chest and a 28 inch waist. My arms were 19.5 inches around. built like a tank. Now my chest is probably still 58 and my waist is 38 haha. Of course I don't eat nearly as much either.

The nurse freaked out when I inhaled as much as I could. Said I inflated my chest 4 inches and she never seen anyone that could go that much.


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:tumbleweed:mornin campers...off to ride in a bit...one last hill to finish off the climbing challenge...certainly not the first time i've done it,the only notable part from this one is getting over 10,000 feet in a week...other than that i pretty much goofed around and took days off the bike...
other than riding not much going on,no garden chores to deal with aside from some clean up...