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8 Miles High


Just quick pics of 8 Miles High. It was beautifully sunny outside today so I did an "on-plant" standing trim. Really nice way to work, frees up both hands! This plant went about 73 days, the final 2 days in total darkness. Seems to have improved the resin a bit. As usual the plant smells heavenly but too faint for my liking. Hopefully a cure will improve that, but that is not my experience with this plant so far.

This was grown in coco coir in a small pot (2 gals). I believe I will get more than 2 ounces off of it, not bad. There is one more in a 3 gal pot that is larger, I will get to it as soon as I can in the next couple days.




nice, i think this plant would do well in a breeding project.



here's the plant trimmed, showing that (imho) you can get pretty decent results from a small pot. I normally flower in 5gal buckets, so this was an experiment to see what a tiny pot would do



Hi Chappie, I flower in two gallon, 4-6 under a 600w Waiting for 3 gallon pots to arrive.

Nice specimen, also what height is it? How many did you have under the 600?

What did you feed? and how often.? thanks, ray.

PS, two and half ounce, is my guess.


Nice plant Chappie :)

So what do you normally pull in your 5 gal buckets yield wise?

Most mandala plants and meds I've seen were faint odor and average highs. Kinda underwhelming.
I have a buddy that's run like5 strains and didn't keep a cut of any of them. lol Have you smoked her yet?

Keep up the great work


libby, I also keep 4-6 plants under my 600w lamp (about to add another 600).

I did not measure the plant, sorry. I guess it was 2.5 feet. This was one of 2 8miles, it was accompanied by a Northern Light, a sweet tooth, and a point of no return.

This grow was done in coir using Humboldt Nutrients A/B nutrient, along with Liquid Karma and Prozyme. It was purely an experiment. I'm going back to organic soil with minimal feeding.

GeorgeSmiley- I don't generally weigh my yield so can't say what a 5gal usually yields. I also usually harvest a few plants at a time and don't separate them. I'm guessing this plant is at least 2 ounces because I can visualize how many jars it will take to hold the buds I have hanging.

I have been really impressed with the Mandala stones. The 8 Miles is extremely pleasant and happy, that is the reason I hang onto it. The smell is mild but very very good. I also find Point of No Return to be quite potent, though its effect is more hypnotic and 8 Miles is psychedelic. It gives great close-eye visuals, especially before bed.

This is my 4th run with these clones, 2 indoors, then outdoors, and now back to indoors. Its been great every time though the outdoors didn't properly finish as much as I would have liked. This is the best run yet going by the looks of it the resin and the smell, and I am now planning to try to reveg it and will use it for breeding with other "powefully pleasant" strains in an effort to retain its magical high.


Nice! I have one single 8 miles girl two weeks into flower now, along with a handful of other Mandala strains - I hope she fills out as nicely as ours has. Also running Ganesh, Mandala #1, Satori, Beyond the Brain and one non-Mandala, Utopia Haze. Ironically, my 8 Miles is the littlest of the bunch, although she's always been the best grower, along with my Ganesh. She's about the same size as the Ganesh, though she was started about two weeks earlier. Mandala #1 and Utopia on the other hand are big enough to go stomp Tokyo..


I have to say I am very disappointed in this plant now... the effects are still great but despite taking all the care I could to properly feed, harvest, and cute it... the thing has almost no smell. Cured 3 weeks now and very very little flavor or aroma. Such a good high though! C'mon Mandala, please rework this strain! It is so close to perfection.


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Great looking plant chappie, I have 3 8 mile ladies 6 weeks in and they have been packing on the weight for the last week or so. All three have different smells, not crazy strong but definitely not faint all three smell delicious. One is gonna be a yielder I actually thought it was a male when they were veging because it towered over the others, the other two look to be average, one of the two average phenos has a life saver candy smell can't wait to taste it.


Thats the thing, they smell great in flower and lose it in the cure. This is my 4th run with this strain and its always the same. There are some great flavors in there, but I can only catch it on like every 10th hit. They don't smell or taste -bad- just nothing. Or very dim. Other strains grown in the same garden and cured the same way smell and taste great. Could just be my phenos I guess - and again the high is my favorite of any strain so far. I've also shared the cut with another grower who certainly knows what she is doing - hers came out with ever more blandness than mine!

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w00t just ordered a pack of 8MH off the boo. first time ordering seeds and after a ton of research it was clear mandala is the seed co for me! thanks for the thoughtful descriptions of genetics, high, and growing characteristics. i want to try all these strains!
I recently finished up some 8mh in organic soil. was pleasantly surprised with the crystal coverage and overal structure of the plants. the crystal coverage, high and smell are superior to all other Mandala i've grown except for Satori. (this includes ganesh hashberry and white satin)


I have a sadhu now that is for sure the most resinous Mandala I have grown. I'll be sure to post some pics before she is harvested, in about a week. I'm still really bummed that my 8M had such a weak aroma. Wish I had the time and space to root through a couple packs of it because I really want to work with its effects.