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50 Years Ago . . .


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Never mind I know! It was, I mean I was a teenager, tee hee hee


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Red seal and gold seal.
The gold was my one of my first hash purchases- got myself half oz, smoked too much and felt white so I stashed it at my grandmas house. Went to school the next day to find police waiting in the office to search me for cannabis resin…. I had been snitched.
They found nothing , then took me to my house to search , still nothing.
I’m still so glad for that whitey


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You were very, very lucky Mr. B. I avoided my 2nd bust . . . :oops: . . . by stashing my stash remotely before I went to a party. The cop that searched me even knew my name from my previous bust. :rasta:


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Smoking too much can be good for you, in some cases.
Luckily most in my area were still quite unaware of hash/weed etc. so when they said “we have a report of you having cannabis resin” I was able to convincingly seem confused… what is cannabis resin? …. A drug…. Oh, how do people take that??


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i miss hashish, haven't seen it here for over twenty-five years

I had a twenty + year drought until all hell broke loose here just before legalization. The last of the imports popped up in the not so legal dispensaries. Now it is all locally made despite the look or name. All of the gold seal crap etc. But the real fun starts when you buy bubble bags and make your own. That could satisfy your itch. We are just starting to see credible hash from legal sources here but Canada was always more hash centric than the US.

As an aside, my stepson saved some Moroccan blonde from 2017 along with some Royal Maroc and Red Lebanese. We sampled them this week. The red was fake and so so but the other two were very good and original taste and smell.


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used to get blocks of blonde Lebanese years ago. the bricks had a cedar tree stamped into them. loved it on a pin under glass. ah, the good ol' days...:smoke:


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looks like the dispensary product varies vastly from the originals, imagine some are from a single clone example instead of the whole crop mixed
the prices charged for commercial products is astounding, I remember paying less than 10$/gram for the hash that was black on the outside and when broken brown on the inside
It had a strong pine odor like tree sap but also a spiciness and incense type of aroma you would want to smell for hours and tasted so smooth fluffed and smoked full heaping bowls of it
Not sure if it was affie or paki supply dried up around 1990 do miss that and the hash pictures im seeing lately from over there 🤤 : drool
Was fun like play dough heat it up with a lighter make a worm decarb it a little and pinch a tiny pancake drop a bunch of those in the pipe,,,
Nice thread glad I saw this makes me dream of homemade hash, TH DC and PTK or x18 anyone tried those in a run ?

random internet picture of what the 1990 blocks looked like
Maybe Afghani @ RMS the quality was great the potency probally not as strong as todays strains but very flavorful and relaxing
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