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1° Balconing - APEX: Critical XXL AUTO


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Quick update today sorry for the quality of the photos !!! pics are from 7/5
6th week
the TOPPED one, is the only one of the oldest that hasn't started to bloom
IMG_4165.jpg IMG_4166.jpg
5th LST on whole of them, one remained dwarf, it will become hash :comfort:
4th week, Topping, LST
IMG_4167.jpg IMG_4168.jpg IMG_4169.jpg
and LST and 2xAmnesia Haze with them

Very quick update sorry for the pics quality,I will try to shoot some better and more detailed, after reading practically everywhere not to "stress" the AUTO with topping and intrusive LST but I must say that I'am impressed by the fast reaction of each one of them, based on the technique adopted, I mean, if I did it...everyone could lol...however in general very satisfied precisely for having deepened these techniques and having acquired a little manual skills.

See ya guys :tiphat::tiphat:


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6/6 Some of them are almost ready as you guys can see on pics and some are still behind, they did start with a few weeks difference.

2345175_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2345179_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2345181_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2345183_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg

16/6 Most of them are almost there, starting to show some yellowing on the low vegetation, a week or so and they gonna be harvested.

I topped the 2 amnesia haze and started to train them, now they clearly need to be up potted at 11lt, looks quite strong respect the auto next to them

2408538_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408539_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408540_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408541_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408542_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408543_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408544_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408545_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408546_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408547_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408549_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408550_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408552_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408548_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2408551_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg

26/6 Sooooo, the time is coming my friends, I chopped down 2 of the 18 Critical XXL that were on the balcony, resulting in one of them much richer in resin, clearly visible from the colours of the buds. Now, slowly i will chop them all down, I will keep just the top buds to smoke and pretty much the rest its gonna go straight in the freezer to became bubble or dry, lets see how much time off i can get from my fricking job!!!

1edb14b1c3adb1b12b24fcf8559a4e2b_m.jpg 2470607_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470611_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470604_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470608_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470610_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m-1.jpg 2470605_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470606_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470609_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470613_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470617_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2470618_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg



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8/7 Its all coming to an end over here, i got like 7/8 plants left to cut, but 4 of them are really small ones, even though they have nice fatty hardrock buds! 2 plants (or more) went straight to the trim bag and in the freezer for some bubblehash Id like to do.

The two Amnesia are growing nicely up, I might try to clone some low branches, lets see if I get time to do so...

And last but not least my freind I found a broken brunch on of of the ladies, and it was completely dry, gave it smoke and it wasnt possible, probably it never flushed away all the nuts and it was crazy bitter. So I decided to extract with some Ethanol 96% and thats the result! Quite sticky, impossible to manage, strong terpene smell, I did not smoke it yet, but I will tonight, dont worry guys, not gonna go to waste!

2538135_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538136_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538137_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538138_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538139_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538140_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538144_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538142_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg 2538141_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg

All those seed;s has been given to me as a present froma. friend, I believie they come from some plants he grown himself and thats the result, many differents phenos, many different terpene profiles, I will only keep the best one out of them to smoke and the rest will be fairly sacrificed in some bubblehash making or qwiso lets see what will happen!

IMAGE 2020-12-28 12:40:01.jpg IMAGE 2020-12-28 12:39:51.jpg IMAGE 2020-12-28 12:39:46.jpg 2580618_apex-grow-journal-by-pennellocustomapex_m.jpg


Very very happy with the end result, did not weight anything yet because is still wet big time, I lightly squeezed it a bit, before let it drying on parchment on a cardboard. The smell it's just absolutely crazy. Not smelly as the BubbleHash from the Indoor run. I can smell strong citruss notes in the 120µm but the 90µm and 73µm explodes with crazy-sweet note. While the 25µm (did not use the 43µm) where I did collect most of the hash, it came out quite green and relly gummy-like consistency. Smell like good hash, nothing crazy like the previous ones but not bad thinking from what it came from. The plants did not mature properly so this was the best option.

I did not use the working bag this time and probably used WAY too much and too big chucks of ice, the water came out greeny straight away after a few minutes of wash

Anyway, the paper sheet says it all about timing, washes and µm used for the extractions, but just in case I'll explain it down here.

I have done 3 wash with different timing.

1º wash: 5 min only to get the most brittle trichome heads
2º wash: 10 min stardard
3º wash: 25 min to stock up a bit ?

I could have done an extra wash for sure and get more out, but I was running out of time so...I will update with the dry weight, it was not the only wash I've done, that were just too many grades to weight up..so I chose to do it once all dry!

See you really soon with a new journey together!


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All is good for me , hope you too mate !
( seems ok with some good ice-o-lator ... )

and merry christmas to you ;)