purple pain killer

  1. Jaymer

    Pain Killer Poor Germ Rates?

    pain killer poor germ rates? Out of 10 seeds, 0% sprouted and only barely showed a tail I know my methods were as usual and with fresh water and everything. Germination was done by placing seeds in folded moist paper towel in a zippy and placing it on top of warm soil. I'm mostly disappointed...
  2. S

    PPK Cut, and 3 New Seeds

    Got a cut of this PPK on a joint project, still waiting a month or so for the finished product, but what a great plant!! Was also gifted the 3 babies, sooooo hopefully we got a gem amongst them.... few pics to start Heres the CUT getting sooo strong... BABIES
  3. D

    Med man Painkiller

    Just finished the last of a med man painkiller outdoor harvest from summer 2012. Strongest outdoor I have grown. sweet hash, lemon funk very quick 100% germination untrained plant growth tight and vertical. responded well to early topping and supercropping. average yield. 4oz dry from 10...
  4. bayarea925

    My ppk - wcsd - rsk

    These all have been topped. From seed. Sorry ipad mini flipped the picture. This is my rock star kush. Not sexed. My wcsd not sexed. My ppk not sexed.
  5. Kush4me

    Med-Man Brand Ladybug Kush. PPK, WCSD, and bonus

    Here are some pictures of some med-man beans I just popped. I will try and keep you updated on this. I used the med-man method to pop these and it worked great. I lost 3 out of 50 (my fault)
  6. O

    what strain for pain?

    Hey, just wondering what strains you offer that would work well for me? I have a neurological problem that causes pain, cramping, spasms and all that fun stuff. I'm looking for something that has a more of a sleepy, body type high. Nothing speedy please. also if you could shoot me a line a few...
  7. phatpharmer

    Purple Pain Killer Hash

    Hello there peeps I helped my buddy harvest his Purple Pain Killer he had 33 5ft trees grown indoor in promix really nice weed wish I could show pics of the weed but my buddy doesn't want pics on the net but for helping him out he tossed me 20g of the hash from the trimmer, I think he got close...
  8. X

    purple rock star kush

    Is the purple kush side just the purple pain killer? Is this the purple kush used to make purple rock star kush ?:tiphat:
  9. S

    WCSD (KK) & PPK seedlings photos

    Hey everyone a little update on my West Coast Sour Diesel (AKA Kerosene Kush) on the left and my Purple Pain Killer on the right they are both @12 days from being put in dirt here. As you can see here the West Coast Sour Diesel is ahead and not looking back lol.
  10. dreaded

    Med-Man Brand photos

    Since i'm not the one to do diaries ... this is for random pics of med-man gear from everyone in the community. I know you want to see flowering pics... but... we gotta start somewhere. Sooooo.... :thank you: :tiphat: wcsd and ppk
  11. med-man

    the pain killer

    this clone was a random gift from a friend i got it becuase the clone shop was ending her stint in langley bc they didnt like the yield or "look" color. wierd i recieved her as "og kush", just as 75% of all the biker kush is named lol she was very unique. short, small, lower yield, but resin...
  12. med-man

    the purple pain killer

    the real and original purple kush clone that came to me via the west coast of america dropped on the canadian market like an atomic bomb. in my 20 years in the game, i have never seen a strain dominate the market for as long and for as much. at one point pounds were 3500-3600 and ounces made...

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