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  1. StevenHXF

    Video International Cannagraphic In Amsterdam - Soma Interview

    The cannabis industry is full of people who are more than happy to tell you how great they are. And then there is Soma, who prefers to let his work do the talking. After a brief stint in corporate America, he discovered the healing and spiritual benefits of the cannabis plant which set him on a...
  2. StevenHXF

    Video International Cannagraphic In Amsterdam - Sam Skunkman Interview

    It's Here! The video series that you have been waiting for. Recorded in July, our very own Gypsy Nirvana took to the streets, parks and coffeehouses of Amsterdam to talk and smoke with some of the icons of the cannabis world. Upfront, we must apologise for the weak sound on the recordings. It...
  3. StevenHXF

    Announcement Videographer / Video Editor Required For Amsterdam Trip

    I'm posting this in the hope there's somebody on the forum who would be able to film and edit an a small series of interviews for publication online. I know it's a long shot but they would need to be able to travel to Amsterdam with Gypsy and one of the ICMag team to help put together an ICMag...

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