auto flowers

  1. Giulio99

    Condividere prima esperienza di coltivazione auto!!

    Salve a tutti,circa un mese fa ho caricato delle foto di una auto essendo alle prime armi volevo consigli su come farla crescere in salute e su come stava....comunque dopo circa un mese si presenta così,cresciuta circa 37 cm gia si vedono le prime infiorescenze e ne sono stupito perche non ho...
  2. E


    Hi, I'm a total beginner in the field and i have a problem. I've watched many videos, read books about the topic but i don't really know what to do, i'm a student and i have a small house, for now i live alone but i am looking for a roomate. I am surrounded by condos with old ppl living in...
  3. WilliamPatrickMarshall

    Yellow Bucket Fat Bastard little over week in Flower

    Yellow is my positive verification that the Barrier starts at Flip. Just like with Blue I keep track of start of flower. I had her at 30" but all signs actually have it at 27". This makes most of her inside the Barrier. Tried to label start of Barrier. Definitely similar transition growth that's...
  4. WilliamPatrickMarshall

    Fat Bastard Third set of grow photos

    Since months come to end. I'm now about 3 months into grow. Blue Bucket flipped while Yellow appears to be holding in veg.
  5. WilliamPatrickMarshall

    Help Finding Signal I Seen To Prove or Disprove My Overall Theory.

    I have posted this else where a little different. All I'm asking is look for Barrier. When you Find Harvest How You Want. But try to catch a signal that she sends to change all development below and eventually the hole plant. Trimed and tried to make where you can follow. Iwant to start...

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