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Old 03-14-2018, 03:34 PM
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Outdoor Guerilla 2018

Unknown strain.

Growing at 33' lat in the ground.

Medium is composted wood chips.

Watering with freshwater and saltwater algae throughout lifecycle.

More seedlings to pop.

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Old 03-18-2018, 07:51 AM
xet xet is offline

Join Date: 03-07-2018
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Corrected inherent soil deficiency with Goji powder.

Plant responded within 10 minutes correcting color, fullness; and, each hour after expanding in size with extreme vigor, color so bright the green was glowing, sharp edges of the leaf became more rounded, full, increasing the surface area of the leaf for additional photosynthesis. Very lush in appearance now even forming new shoots within hours of application.

Continuing with Chlorella and Goji feeding; applied individually not mixed.
Old 03-19-2018, 12:08 AM
xet xet is offline

Join Date: 03-07-2018
Location: OOB
Posts: 9
I am in high spirits.

Near 40'C here this week.

3 more sprouts emerged after 12 hours with 3" of furry stem. 4 plants total. More to sprout.

Some of these beans popping are 3+ years old.

In total I sowed 23 beans. Some questionable. Some unknown. Some bag from pro rec/mmj. Humble-brag: Some famous genetics from special players. Quite a variety from kushes to hazes to hashes to goats to dreams to tangys to mexi schwag to diesels to original strawberry coughs to cookies to supers to stripes to spots to blue seeds to black seeds to green seeds and all in betweens. A real fun lot.

Given the nature of the composted woodchips the beans that popped must have popped quite some days ago without my noticing.

I checked all pots 12 hours ago and saw no trace of a plant. 12 hours later 3 beans are 3" tall with the same leaf structure and furry purple blue gold stems.

Maybe the beans popped and squirreled around under the chips before standing up overnight from yesterday's hot day. This is how I discovered plant 1.

Interesting as those 3 beans that popped today were all the same blue beans. And they popped one week after the bean that waited no time at all for the cold to pass.

Need worm castings to chew up medium.

Will dig equivalent 100 gallon holes.

Deer defense weighing heavy on my mind.
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