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Old 02-11-2019, 07:53 PM
Platinumtitty Platinumtitty is offline
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Dwc closet. vol 1

I have a thread thats covers my microbox and I included my closet project I have going down and I just decided to make a journal covering my closet situation.


Im using all LED that I made myself. Various Cree xml2s, Cree xpe, Cree photo reds, bridgelux royal blues, Vero 29's, cxb3590s, and ive yet to use this citizen amber clu048 cob that I ordered from rapid. Ill hook it up eventually. Having no issue with light at this moment so I'm not hurrying too much as I learn my new environment, and deal with the fridgid temps lately.


im running a 17 gal dwc tub with 2 plants inside. One is a skywalker og demonized, and the other was supposedly granddaddy purp regular but I have serious doubts that it is. Oh well. Guess we will see. The skywalker was a single popped and it smells great. Unfortunately its getting outgrown by the gdp, but I clipped like 4 good clones so I will have pleanty in the future. I have a bunch of the gdp seeds so im not worried bout that. Id like the GDP to be male so I can make some seeds with the skywalker. Switched the closet to 12/12 about 2 weeks ago tops so we will see soon enough.

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Old 02-15-2019, 03:09 AM
2 weeks since 12/12
Platinumtitty Platinumtitty is offline

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Lights just flipped on. Already knew the skywalker og was a female. Pretty sure the gdp is as well. Not 100% sure.I've been fooled before. Roots look good. If anyone can use their knowledge and let me know if they think the same that would be tight. Gonna pop one more light in there (cxb3590 and 2 xpes)
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