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Old 09-09-2020, 05:38 PM
aliceklar aliceklar is online now
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Bonsai Bedroom cupboard grow 2020-21

First seed run of the season: 31/08/2020

(All germinated on moist paper towels in plastic takeaway boxes, then transplanted to 7cm pots of compost w perlite)

First germination 4th September. Sowed a second batch of Johaar#2 and J#2xNLH. Ended up with 29 plants total (plus Ragnar, who looks more like Lagatha). Perfect.

  • 1/2: Buddah (MSNL) - last grow I had trouble germinating these, and only had a male (I've kept a clone). Only one out of the two remaining seed germinated... Lets see if I get a female this time with the final seed... I crossed the male with a few other strains, but want to see what the females are like before growing out the offspring - and to make some more seeds, of course. This is supposedly a pure Thai IBL, and I've not seen it on sale anywhere else - seems a good idea to backup with seeds.
  • 0/1: Northern Light Auto (Feminised, RQS) - was planning to pollinate this with something interesting and make some auto seeds, but it hasnt popped. It was a freebie, so maybe old seed. Just received 3 AK47 Auto seeds from RQS, and a freebie three-pack of NL Auto thrown in. Will try again next cycle, timing it so that the autos are flowering simultaneously with the regulars. Might pollinate with Syrian (RSC) which is a compact short season landrace hashplant with some autoflowering qualities.
  • 4/7: Purple Bud (White Label, feminised) x Blueberry (MSNL) - Interested to see how this F1 works out, and also planning to pollinate to get F2 seeds / Bx to Purple Bud at some stage. Blueberry and Purple Bud are two favourites from my last grow, both nice balanced indica leaning hybrids - the Purple bud harder hitting and the Blueberry happier. Love the smell of the purple bud - its got a lush spicy incense thing going on that I hope will produce some lovely phenos with the Blueberry.
  • 5/5: Dance World (Fem, RQS) x Johaar#1 (RSC) - Dance World was not a strong grower, but I really liked the effect - high CBD, energising and uplifting, with an unusual diesel/ginger spice scent. Johaar was a mellow feel-good winner, high yielding but so fox-taily and 16 weeks to mature. High hopes for the offspring, which seem hella vigorous. Again, will pollinate to produce F2 seed, and might Bx to Dance World.
  • 10/14: Johaar#2 x Johaar#1 (RSC) - last grow there were two distinct phenos - #3 was faster, with bigger buds, #2 much slower and more fox-taily, but with a nicer high that is becoming a favourite. This is the #2 line, slow but productive, with a feel-good mellow high. Interested to compare how home made seed works out, and compare against the Dance World cross. Growing out a fair few seed as germination seems patchy, and I want to be able to select for the best mother and father for F2 seed. Will be using something along the lines of the bonsai sultan method, on a micro scale.
  • 3/7: Nitro Lemon Haze (MSNL) - growing out the remaining stock of this one, hoping for a female this time. Last grow I also had poor germination, and only produced males, although I used some to make crosses. Interested to see how they grow and especially how they smoke, and of course will make seed if the opportunity presents itself. 4 germed initially, though 2 were runty and one only lasted a few days before withering overnight. Seem stocky and slow growing compared to the others.
  • 6/10: Johaar#2 x Nitro Lemon Haze - hoping for something that stays on the sativa side of the spectrum with the feel-good vibes of the Johaar mum + reduced flowering time from the NLH (if MSNL were accurate with their estimate of 8-10 weeks in flower). A more intense lemon scent would be a bonus, and the Johaar does have some of that, but very mild.

Will also be growing out a Dance World clone, a Highland Thai #2 (RSC) clone, and trying to figure out what the mystery volunteer that popped up outside in a tomato planter is. It looks quite a bruiser, so I will call it Ragnar. It's likely to be a rogue seed from J#2 or J#3, or the Highland Thai, but god knows the pollen donor.

A few changes to the grow space from last year:

I've taken the space blankets off the flowering space and painted the walls flat white. Much brighter and cleaner looking, less of a fire hazard! Currently my clone mums are hanging out here post trim as the veg area is full of clones and seedlings. A couple of the mums need rejuvenating, and so will start from a new clone in a smaller pot and probably flower the old mum out.

I'm replacing one of the flower space LEDs (a dodgy unbranded blurple monster) with a second SF1000 100W Spider Farmer Qantam board - this will expand the effective grow space, and cut down a bit on the heat.

Veg under 2 x Fecida 50W COB LEDs as before.

Will be growing in amended pasteurised compost (bonemeal, kelp, mycorrhizal fungus) in small pots - trials in 10cm pots initially, clones or flowered-out clone mums in 3-5 liters. Feeding with dilute tomato feed / compost tea. Treating with BTi and nematodes to control fungus gnats.

Again growing for variety and in sufficient numbers to compare and select, rather than maximising yield from individual plants.

To do:

improve blackout round the door. considering swapping my 12hr light cycle for flower to 7pm-7am (so that the house benefits from the nighttime heat), and having "night" in the daytime will mean the door needs better light insulation.

Make a 2nd ventilation channel into the flower space.

Swap out the fan for something quieter.

Clear out the crappy space blanket from the veg area walls and repaint flat white.

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Old 09-23-2020, 12:47 PM
Veg week 3 - All about the Johaar
aliceklar aliceklar is online now

Join Date: 01-12-2020
Posts: 104
(week 2 for the 2nd batch of Johaar, and the 2nd batch of Johaar x NLH)

Rapid growth now, having moved young plants grown from seed to the main cupboard area under the Spiderfarmer QB LED. I've brought the light down to about 16" to minimise stretching.

This grow is all about the Johaar, and its interesting to see the similarities in the Johaar #2 offspring, the J2xNLH F1s, and the DWxJ F1s. The Johaar are noticably taller, although all three show some degree of the long-fingered 7 branched sativa type leaves at the top. The 4 Purple Bud x Blueberry F1s have a very different growth habit - very stocky with fat indica type leaves, all looking fine and healthy. The 3 NLH plants are still growing relatively slowly, and look intermediate in form.

With the 2nd Spiderfarmer light in operation, I'll be able to grow out up to 24 female plants from seed in 11cm (1 litre) pots, and 5 or 6 clones in 3-5 litre pots. Yields from the plants in small pots will be low, but these are mainly to assess the offspring - the very best females will be taken forward as clones and/or by F2 seed. DWxJ will be backcrossed to Dance World as well as taken forward as an F2 with itself. JxNLH I'll progress to the F2, and also consider either Bx a male to the NLH, or use a male NLH to make some seeds with the best of the F1s. All bases covered. In a future grow I'll be starting another Purple Bud feminised plant from seed (I have a couple of seed left), and will backcross the best of the PBxBB line to that, but I will explore the F1 seed I have first (and progress to the F2 if I get both males and females).

I'm unsure at this stage how much variability will be shown at the various F1 stages, but am intrigued to find out. I guess it depends how homogenous the parents were (and I know for sure that the Johaar at least displays a great deal of variability).

Clones are taking well (I used a 50/50 mix of pasteurised compost and perlite with a little hydrogen peroxide, and some organic rooting powder, covered in plastic for the first 10 days or so, with frequent misting since). Current clone line-up for bud production:
  1. Blueberry #4 (MSNL)
  2. Highland Thai #2 (RSC)
  3. Dance World (RQS)
  4. Michka (Sensi Seeds)
  5. Girl Scout Cookies or Gelato (?) (a cutting I picked up that was originally from bagseed - a very vigorous, very stinky, mother plant)
Blackout improved with a new blackout curtain hung on the inside of the door.

Potted Ragnar up into an 11cm pot on 24th Sept, amended with a little blood/fish/bone, kelp meal, and mycorrhizal inoculant - was starting to look cramped in the small pot, with yellowing interveins on lowest leaves. Looking at the freaky spidery top sativa leaves, and the vigorous growth with long internodes, I'm minded to say that s/he is a Johaar. Cool.

Potted Buddah likewise, into a 2 litre pot. Fingers crossed shes a girl, as this was the last seed (I have kept a cutting of the male from last grow in veg).
Old 09-27-2020, 12:24 AM
aliceklar aliceklar is online now

Join Date: 01-12-2020
Posts: 104
Nailed it with clones this time - after trying (with varying success) a few different methods.

22/24 cuttings rooted succesfully The only variety that didnt root well was Michka (Sensi Seeds, feminised, 2/4 rooted). Had not expected so many to take... will have to compost some. Grow well kids - the strongest survive.

Using 4 cuttings to a 7cm pot, 50/50 filled with compost and perlite, using a little H2O2 in the water, and dipping the cut ends in organic rooting powder. Covered in a plastic bag for a week or two, then frequently misted and kept moist.

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