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Old 08-25-2015, 04:43 AM
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(Pure Kush x Triangle Kush) x White - Indoor, Inorganic Hydroponic Production

Twelve seeds were sown August 18 @ 07:00 pm directly within the media sites (saturated and charged Turface). The media/H20 temperature is @ 80 ± 3°F.

Genetic Selection Motive (I have bolded to emphasize)

Originally Posted by SmokeTrees View Post
triangle kush - my favorite og. i consider the most potent and most complex flavored. Very similar smelling to valley, but a lot stronger smell, and with a cologne/perfume type tone to it. Nostril stinging, but at the same time has a sort of incense,church, attic/garage. Its got more tones of smells to it than any other cut. Its also probably the lowest yielding. other og cuts next to given the same training/lst, and the tk will be 1/3rd as bushy, just wants to grow up.
Originally Posted by Relentless View Post
ya only thing i see lackin in the white is aroma/taste.. she def has it, just not for me.. sorty of a hashey earthy like aroma/taste.. def pungent and loud tho imo.. ill be using her more for breeding.. i love the way she grows in veg and flower and we all know she has the frost that seems to end up on her offspring as well.. great plant imo. ive got one a few weeks behind ya philth, at 5wks of flower complete.
Originally Posted by TomHill View Post
That The White is frosty is not such a huge deal in and of itself, but that it fairly consistently passes on this trait -is a big deal- you don't come across that everyday ime. -T
Originally Posted by sugenite View Post
Aswome report Red!! and thanks for the vote of confidence!! glad you like the PKtaste.... even without a cure!! the pure kush high doesnt have that heavy body of a bubba or sd but does have a heavy duty high that you can actually get off the couch with..just do it very slowly and carefully!!

its deffinetly my personal favorite..
In regards to my previous production, I selected an Abusive OG cross...
Originally Posted by dank.frank View Post
abusive is one of the most stretchy OG's...albeit, it is a very OG dominant cross...
Originally Posted by MrDank View Post
The Abusive OGK is very vigorous. She grows fast and will stretch if you don't understand her needs.
Due to this experience I have sought a cross that will express a stout structure in an effort to actualize my goals of achieving a comfortable canopy distance from the artificial light sources, although achieving OG dominant expressions remains the primary objective.

Originally Posted by true grit View Post
Shootin for big colas of pure frost this run!! Imo its all about height control. I kept pretty close to the distance i had hoped for/discussed and every plant is uniform across the board and stacking nicely. Hoping for some actual colas this run, had a few last run but only where height was controlled.
A goal of this production is to achieve flowers that provide an "authentic" OG experience...

Originally Posted by ECtraveler View Post
. The smaller CMH room has now outperformed (quality-wise) the climate controlled room all 3 times.
A Published, Horticultural Interpretation of General Produce Quality Parameters:

"Dorais, M. "Greenhouse Tomato Fruit Quality." Horticultural Reviews 26 (2001). Web. 26 Aug. 2015."

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The Philosophers Stone >.>

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This is a logo inspired by my being profiled by a Private Investigator due to my "Anonymous" work online, here at Icmag. What it represents is a rather arrogant, prideful and overall goofy character, to which I can quite identify with after all my time spent online.

Thanks for looking
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