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Old 11-20-2017, 07:47 PM
SweetoTooth SweetoTooth is offline
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1st grow. Pro mix & Bio Canna, 9 Blueberry clones LED

Hey all 1st time grower. Ic mag helped me learn so wanted to participate in the community.

Here's the low down:

-5x5 constructed tent
-6inch inline fan with fusion breath carbon filter (vented outside)
-9 Blueberry clones from my mentor.
-In 3 gallon root pouches
-Using Bio canna line of nutes
-Amended pro mix when transplanted from 1 gal to 3 with worm castings and bat guano 3tbls each plant
-Growing under Bloom Boss fusion pro 1000 LED, has veg, bloom and UV switches.

Currently on day 25 of flower.

During first three weeks I scrogged all 9 plants to even the canopy, fed bio vega and bio boost at low dosage in 1st 2 weeks then switched to bio flores and bio boost upping dosage. Feeding heavy tonight at lights on at about 60ml flores for 20L water and about the same maybe push to 70ml for 20L water with the bio boost (so far they look like they love the food, very tiny tiny amount of tip burn)
So roughly each plant is getting 2+ Litres nute water. Did 3L two waterings ago and was definitely too much so adjusted back. Also trimmed growth under the canopy up to 4-5" under the scrog trellis.

Maintitng temp ranges of 22-23 at night RH 38-42% and 24-27 degrees Celsius when lights on.

Looking back what I would have done differently is veg under the bloom boos for 1 more week after transplanting thennn flip them. They recovered from a bit of shock during 1st week of flower and feel that would have stunted development a wee bit.

I'll try to figure out the picture attachment and get some pics up! Stay tuned! Thanks again IC mag community for your help guiding me this far (and shoutout to my mentor as well)



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Old 11-30-2017, 05:26 PM
megaman420 megaman420 is offline

Join Date: 10-12-2017
Posts: 7
Hey man
did u ever see any signs of overfeeding from having both amended soil and going "heavy" on the cannabio at the same time?

Kinda interrested since im doing a soil grow with cannabio right now aswell..

Been growing loads with salt based ferts,hydro setups and dtw with coco and so one, but this is all new to me with the organics.

Im using the Canna Terra Plus atm. (soil)
Old 12-27-2017, 12:05 AM
SweetoTooth SweetoTooth is offline

Join Date: 11-20-2017
Location: Canada
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Megaman. I definitely noticed signs early on of overfeeding/too hot of soil in the 2 weeks after transplanting, lot of color changing and dropping leaves from the bottom up which felt like stress + too hot for fresh transplants. But definitely evened out when I gave plain airated water. What I've learned from my run with bio was jacking up the nutes to atleast 1.5 recommended strength really gave the blues the power to pack on fat buds for plants that were pretty small in size (around 18" when flipped)
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