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Old 06-07-2018, 07:08 PM
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Installed MJ12Led light in BloomRoom

We have a 10' x 10' BloomRoom that we have been running in a stadium setup with 2 - 1000w SuperHPS Hortilux bulbs hanging vertically. Last week we installed an American LED Company MJ12Led and removed 1 of the 1000w HPS , this LED is extremely Bright, and Bright White light at that.
The information I've been given say's the Driver's Brand Letron model LP0237-1850 output 27-45v , 1.85A and the lights are 15w COB @ 6.25w each 12000k and 2200k with 60 degree lenses.
The company I got it from is and for ANY information or questions you can go to
MrsFarmer and I are pleased with the light's output, footprint, brightness and how much the Plant's are Loving it. It's a very Bright Light, and nothing like I've seen others light, this is extremely Bright White light, no purple or blue tint like I've seen in other folks posts.
Stay tuned for regular updates, and we have over 30 different strains to put this nice light through the wringer, we've run a majority of them before & know what kind of yield we were getting with just the HPS, so we'll see what this LED does for them, a Grow diary so to speak with this new addition.

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