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Old 09-09-2020, 05:38 PM
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Bonsai Bedroom cupboard grow 2020-21

  • Grow out some F1s from last round, make F2 seed (using all promising males, progressing with seed from best females)
  • Explore the Johaar#2 line (Johaar 2 x Johaar 1) - grow out several, looking for a keeper mother, and getting better understanding of cultivating this huge sativa in a tiny grow space. Aiming for a more compact, branching, earlier flowering IBL, so also make seed with best males/best couple of females.
  • Pollinate a feminised auto to start own line of regular autos (will take a few generations to stabilise)
  • Backcross DWxJohaar to Dance World - trying to get a regular version of DW, which is only available feminised - and looking to improve vigor/quality of high with the 25% Johaar genetics.
  • Overall, growing for variety / experiment / number of different plants rather than maximising yield

First seed run of the season: 31/08/2020

(All germinated on moist paper towels in plastic takeaway boxes, then transplanted to 7cm pots of compost w perlite)

First germination 4th September. Sowed a second batch of Johaar#2 and J#2xNLH. Ended up with 29 plants total (plus Ragnar, who looks more like Lagatha). Perfect.

  • 1/2: Buddah (MSNL) - last grow I had trouble germinating these, and only had a male (I've kept a clone). Only one out of the two remaining seed germinated... Lets see if I get a female this time with the final seed... I crossed the male with a few other strains, but want to see what the females are like before growing out the offspring - and to make some more seeds, of course. This is supposedly a pure Thai IBL, and I've not seen it on sale anywhere else - seems a good idea to backup with seeds.
  • 0/1: Northern Light Auto (Feminised, RQS) - was planning to pollinate this with something interesting and make some auto seeds, but it hasnt popped. It was a freebie, so maybe old seed. Just received 3 AK47 Auto seeds from RQS, and a freebie three-pack of NL Auto thrown in. Will try again next cycle, timing it so that the autos are flowering simultaneously with the regulars. Might pollinate with Syrian (RSC) which is a compact short season landrace hashplant with some autoflowering qualities.
  • 4/7: Purple Bud (White Label, feminised) x Blueberry (MSNL) - Interested to see how this F1 works out, and also planning to pollinate to get F2 seeds / Bx to Purple Bud at some stage. Blueberry and Purple Bud are two favourites from my last grow, both nice balanced indica leaning hybrids - the Purple bud harder hitting and the Blueberry happier. Love the smell of the purple bud - its got a lush spicy incense thing going on that I hope will produce some lovely phenos with the Blueberry.
  • 5/5: Dance World (Fem, RQS) x Johaar#1 (RSC) - Dance World was not a strong grower, but I really liked the effect - high CBD, energising and uplifting, with an unusual diesel/ginger spice scent. Johaar was a mellow feel-good winner, high yielding but so fox-taily and 16 weeks to mature. High hopes for the offspring, which seem hella vigorous. Again, will pollinate to produce F2 seed, and might Bx to Dance World.
  • 10/14: Johaar#2 x Johaar#1 (RSC) - last grow there were two distinct phenos - #3 was faster, with bigger buds, #2 much slower and more fox-taily, but with a nicer high that is becoming a favourite. This is the #2 line, slow but productive, with a feel-good mellow high. Interested to compare how home made seed works out, and compare against the Dance World cross. Growing out a fair few seed as germination seems patchy, and I want to be able to select for the best mother and father for F2 seed. Will be using something along the lines of the bonsai sultan method, on a micro scale.
  • 3/7: Nitro Lemon Haze (MSNL) - growing out the remaining stock of this one, hoping for a female this time. Last grow I also had poor germination, and only produced males, although I used some to make crosses. Interested to see how they grow and especially how they smoke, and of course will make seed if the opportunity presents itself. 4 germed initially, though 2 were runty and one only lasted a few days before withering overnight. Seem stocky and slow growing compared to the others.
  • 6/10: Johaar#2 x Nitro Lemon Haze - hoping for something that stays on the sativa side of the spectrum with the feel-good vibes of the Johaar mum + reduced flowering time from the NLH (if MSNL were accurate with their estimate of 8-10 weeks in flower). A more intense lemon scent would be a bonus, and the Johaar does have some of that, but very mild.

Will also be growing out a Dance World clone, a Highland Thai #2 (RSC) clone, and trying to figure out what the mystery volunteer that popped up outside in a tomato planter is. It looks quite a bruiser, so I will call it Ragnar. It's likely to be a rogue seed from J#2 or J#3, or the Highland Thai, but god knows the pollen donor.

A few changes to the grow space from last year:

I've taken the space blankets off the flowering space and painted the walls flat white. Much brighter and cleaner looking, less of a fire hazard! Currently my clone mums are hanging out here post trim as the veg area is full of clones and seedlings. A couple of the mums need rejuvenating, and so will start from a new clone in a smaller pot and probably flower the old mum out.

I'm replacing one of the flower space LEDs (a dodgy unbranded blurple monster) with a second SF1000 100W Spider Farmer Qantam board - this will expand the effective grow space, and cut down a bit on the heat.

Veg under 2 x Fecida 50W COB LEDs as before.

Will be growing in amended pasteurised compost (bonemeal, kelp, mycorrhizal fungus) in small pots - seedlings in 7cm pots initially, clones or flowered-out clone mums in 2-5 liters max. Feeding with dilute tomato feed / compost tea. Treating with BTi and nematodes to control fungus gnats.

Again growing for variety and in sufficient numbers to compare and select, rather than maximising yield from individual plants.

To do:

improve blackout round the door. considering swapping my 12hr light cycle for flower to 7pm-7am (so that the house benefits from the nighttime heat), and having "night" in the daytime will mean the door needs better light insulation.

Make a 2nd ventilation channel into the flower space.

Swap out the fan for something quieter.

Clear out the crappy space blanket from the veg area walls and repaint flat white.

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Old 09-23-2020, 12:47 PM
Veg week 3 - All about the Johaar
aliceklar aliceklar is offline

Join Date: 01-12-2020
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(week 2 for the 2nd batch of Johaar, and the 2nd batch of Johaar x NLH)

Rapid growth now, having moved young plants grown from seed to the main cupboard area under the Spiderfarmer QB LED. I've brought the light down to about 16" to minimise stretching.

This grow is all about the Johaar, and its interesting to see the similarities in the Johaar #2 offspring, the J2xNLH F1s, and the DWxJ F1s. The Johaar are noticably taller, although all three show some degree of the long-fingered 7 branched sativa type leaves at the top. The 4 Purple Bud x Blueberry F1s have a very different growth habit - very stocky with fat indica type leaves, all looking fine and healthy. The 3 NLH plants are still growing relatively slowly, and look intermediate in form.

With the 2nd Spiderfarmer light in operation, I'll be able to grow out up to 24 female plants from seed in 11cm (1 litre) pots, and 5 or 6 clones in 3-5 litre pots. Yields from the plants in small pots will be low, but these are mainly to assess the offspring - the very best females will be taken forward as clones and/or by F2 seed. DWxJ will be backcrossed to Dance World as well as taken forward as an F2 with itself. JxNLH I'll progress to the F2, and also consider either Bx a male to the NLH, or use a male NLH to make some seeds with the best of the F1s. All bases covered. In a future grow I'll be starting another Purple Bud feminised plant from seed (I have a couple of seed left), and will backcross the best of the PBxBB line to that, but I will explore the F1 seed I have first (and progress to the F2 if I get both males and females).

I'm unsure at this stage how much variability will be shown at the various F1 stages, but am intrigued to find out. I guess it depends how homogenous the parents were (and I know for sure that the Johaar at least displays a great deal of variability).

Clones are taking well (I used a 50/50 mix of pasteurised compost and perlite with a little hydrogen peroxide, and some organic rooting powder, covered in plastic for the first 10 days or so, with frequent misting since). Current clone line-up for bud production:
  1. Blueberry #4 (MSNL)
  2. Highland Thai #2 (RSC)
  3. Dance World (RQS)
  4. Michka (Sensi Seeds)
  5. Girl Scout Cookies or Gelato (?) (a cutting I picked up that was originally from bagseed - a very vigorous, very stinky, mother plant)
Blackout improved with a new blackout curtain hung on the inside of the door.

Potted Ragnar up into an 11cm pot on 24th Sept, amended with a little blood/fish/bone, kelp meal, and mycorrhizal inoculant - was starting to look cramped in the small pot, with yellowing interveins on lowest leaves. Looking at the freaky spidery top sativa leaves, and the vigorous growth with long internodes, I'm minded to say that s/he is a Johaar. Cool.

Potted Buddah likewise, into a 2 litre pot. Fingers crossed shes a girl, as this was the last seed (I have kept a cutting of the male from last grow in veg).
Old 09-27-2020, 12:24 AM
aliceklar aliceklar is offline

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Nailed it with clones this time - after trying (with varying success) a few different methods.

22/24 cuttings rooted succesfully The only variety that didnt root well was Michka (Sensi Seeds, feminised, 2/4 rooted). Had not expected so many to take... will have to compost some. Grow well kids - the strongest survive.

Using 4 cuttings to a 7cm pot, 50/50 filled with compost and perlite, using a little H2O2 in the water, and dipping the cut ends in organic rooting powder. Covered in a plastic bag for a week or two, then frequently misted and kept moist.

Old 09-27-2020, 09:13 AM
Northern Light Auto (feminised, RQS)
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Decided to pop one of the NL auto seeds. Figured if I start my main 12/12 cycle in about a week (which I am going to have to with how fast the Johaar is stretching) then it should flower at about the same time some of the male plants shed pollen. I'd like to have a line of open-pollinated autos I can maintain myself without having to buy seed each time, but as with most of the stuff that RQS sell, these seeds are feminised. I can work around this.

So... as I understand it, there is a recessive gene involved in the autoflowering trait, which means that if I cross with a regular male, none of the immediate F1 offspring will be autos, but 25% of the F2s will show the trait (and crossing these together would stabilise the trait). If instead I take an F1 male (or males) and cross it again to another feminised auto, 50% of the offspring of that backcross will be autos, and should be stable for the trait. Thats assuming its a simple one-gene thing. Which it probably isnt

Lets see what happens...
Old 09-29-2020, 11:03 PM
Potting on
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Decided not to wait until the flip to pot up my plants. A few of the taller Johaars and Johaar crosses are showing yellowing/necrotic lower leaves, sure sign of being severely root bound. So I moved everything up from their 7cm pots to luxurious 11cm (1 liter) pots, with a generous dose of bonemeal and kelp, and a pinch each of mycorrizal innoculant.

I'll flip the lights to 12/12 after the plants have had a few days to get used to their new legroom.

Happy with this setup. It means I can run 4-5 clones for production in 2-4 litre pots, and at the same time explore 40+ new seeds per grow. Will need to be cunning about vegging the next round tho, and I fitted this all in by using the flower space for vegging... maybe keep the newbies in 7cm pots for longer in the veg space. The mums will take up less space now, as I am swapping them all out for new cuttings rooted into 7cm pots, so there will be more room.

Also potted up a couple of old clone mums I'm flowering out, and gave them a bit of epsom salts as they were looking peaky (yellowing leaves). I'm going to keep the Dance World (which was recently repotted) and the Highland Thai in their 1.5 litre pots, and see how they do.
Old 10-01-2020, 05:50 AM
jwm jwm is offline

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Great report!
Interested to see how it turns out
Old 10-03-2020, 02:10 AM
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Nice journal
Old 10-03-2020, 10:00 AM
Flower time
aliceklar aliceklar is offline

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Thanks all! I'm keeping this mainly for my reference, but its nice to know that its appreciated! Although I'm a fairly experienced gardener I'm a newb at growing weed, and growing under lights (until last winter, I'd only previously done one grow - an old ikea cupboard with 2 flourescent tubes and some bagseed 20+ years ago) so any suggestions appreciated!

Flipped the lights this morning (3rd Oct)

Flower 12/12 (on at 19.00, off at 07.00) [EDIT: 6th Oct, changed flower to 11/13 to attempt to slow the Johaar stretch and trigger flowering, on at 20:00, off at 07:00]
Veg 17/7 (on at 18.00, off at 11.00)

[note - changed the veg light schedule from 18/6 previously, and gone down to a single 50w cob LED at c30cm - want to cut down on excess heat in the tiny veg area whilst it is locked down during flowering nights, as well as opportunities for light leakage - this just needs to maintain the new clones and remaining old clone mums so reckon 17 hours light is adequate]

This inverts the schedule I used last grow, as I want to experiment with having the lights off in the day (to reduce waste heat), and with improved blackout curtains in the room it should work out. We'll see... At least it might stop me pestering the plants so much.

Growth still rapid and vigorous, all seem to be appreciating their recent re-potting.

Yesterday my tester NL auto broke surface - planing to experiment with making my own auto seeds, and will pollinate it with whatever male flowers first (hear that guys? Its a race!).

Old 10-06-2020, 02:42 AM
My, how you've grown!
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The Johaar x NLH is going for it. Some are taller/more vigorous than the Johaar. Not that the NLH are huge - they are no dwarves - but the F1s seem bigger than either. Sigh. Not what I was looking for. But there is variation in the height. Remember primarily looking for effect, not form... so long as healthy and will fit in my growroom. Those are hard limits.

Dance World x Johaar looking happy and vigorous, but thankfully a bit shorter. The plan here is to get a regular version of Dance World (RQS only sell it feminised) - or at least something that was as nice to grow that had a comparable energising body high. I'm flowering out my old clone mum of Dance World, and will use a male DWxJ F1 to backcross, and then progress that line. That'll be an injection of 25% Johaar, which I hope will bring something in terms of plant vigor and happiness of high - the long thin leaf crowns of Johaar seem dominant, and are also really attractive, tho the deeply ridged, bright green Dance World is also a gem.

And the Johaar... man they are huge. I think they have just started to slow down (keeping everything in 1 ltr pots and I can see that some of them are feeling it). I gave some of the ones that were losing leaves a little very dilute epsom salts and tomato feed, but it has been plain rainwater otherwise. Bonemeal and seaweed meal in the compost.

I've decided to compost the Michka clone mum rather than flower her out. Had some bud mould last time, and its gettting to the stage where I need to make some room. But most of all I'm not sure if I liked the smoke. More interested in the Johaar experiments, and have a couple of rooted Michka cuttings in veg. Currently still got the Highland Thai, Dance World, BB#4 going in flower as clones.

Hoping the males show soon so that i can move them out...
Old 10-07-2020, 10:26 AM
Ganjafarmer.fin Ganjafarmer.fin is offline

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Looks fun project keep it going man.
Old 10-08-2020, 07:17 AM
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Thanks! I'm pushing it to see just how many I can fit in and evaluate in that tiny space... (main flower area 90x110cm square, just over 2m tall)

just pulled a couple of plants that I have backed up with healthy clones in veg (Ragnar, who is showing no signs of either sexing or slowing down - and has been vegging since 12th July! and the old Highland Thai mother - dont need to grow out another one right now)

Am thinking now about how I might change the setup if a) I'll be growing more from seed, inc my DIY auto project and b) I'll be growing more Johaar or its crosses - with their 13/11 ---> 11/13 light cycles. Having the little veg chamber only accessible via the flower space makes things tricky - they would ideally be independent.. Might just need to narrow down the number of projects I'm attempting and try to do one or two well, rather than several badly
Old 10-11-2020, 01:26 PM
2nd week of flower cycle
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2nd week flower cycle just started.

Excited to see first flowers forming... Some of those tall Johaars & Johaar crosses look male to me - but the Buddah (next pic) is definitely female. Get in. Will be able to make seeds now, with the male clone I've been keeping in veg. Tonight when the lights go on I'll remove the confirmed male plants to another room.

Old 10-14-2020, 08:27 PM
Thinking ahead
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Looking at how this grow is shaping up, I'm now planning the next one.
Rough calculation is that I should be starting around 45 seeds per cycle. I can run about 18 female plants, per grow, from seed, plus a couple of clones. 18 females means 18 males (most of the seeds I plant are regular) so thats 36 seeds. Assuming that I get around 80% germination, I'll need roughly 45 seeds to produce those 18 female plants. Any gaps I can fill in with clones. If I get more than I expect, I can put the clones on hold - and/or flower in smaller pots.
  • Syrian TRSC - 17
  • (MMxHT) F1 RQS / TRSC - 5
  • (MMxWR) F1 RQS / MSNL - 5
  • WR MSNL - 8 (note – possibly dodgy germination)
  • (NL auto x DWJ) F1 RQS / TRSC - 5
  • NL auto (f) RQS - 1 (note – plant a few days before start of flower cycle)
  • Sherbert Queen (f) RQS - 1
  • AK Auto (f) RQS - 1 (note – plant a few days before start of flower cycle)
  • Sour Diesel (f) RQS - 1
  • Purple Bud (f) Sensi Seeds - 1
Also thinking about making a dedicated clone mother area, with lower light intensity and lower temps - and maybe use grafts to allow me to back up more strains in a smaller space. Great info about how to graft cannabis on this thread:

Ignore all the trolling and people claiming it cant be done in the intial pages, and skip straight to where Darpa chimes in with excellent pictures of how to do it

16/10/20 Have rescued original Ragnar from death row, back to veg, pruned hard and fed. Looking increasingly like a female, and in any case fits the bill for robust (this hardcore plant germinated outside from a stray seed) and delayed flowering (I potted on the seedling in July, and no flowers yet, even on the cutting under 11/13) - so perfect to use as grafting rootstock. Aiming to test grafting on this, for backing up my clone mothers in a smaller space. Should easily be able to keep 4 strains on one bonsai plant in a 1.5 litre pot.

Several of the remaining plants in flower (inc all 3 of the Purple Bud x Blueberry F1s) are showing nice top crowns of female flowers. One of the Johaars looks like it is also putting on some males - will keep a close eye, and pinch them out if it looks like there are just a few.

Thinking about running a test on mycorrhizal inoculant - I've been adding a pinch to everything when potting on, but does it actually make a difference? Lets see.... if I make a batch of test clones, say using a couple of different varieties, but have half with and half without the MI, that should give me an indication. Would be a nice experiment.
Old 10-23-2020, 02:05 AM
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Boys are shedding pollen earlier than expected - decided to put some of them to work. Just growing out pure sensi plants seems almost wasteful.. I know I'll have more seed than I can ever use, but hey, its good to have plenty of choices - and at the point of making the seed, its not always clear what the parents smoke like, so it keeps future options open.
  • DW x (DWxJ)2, 3 & 5 (not quite a bx as DW mum was from a different seed in same batch) Pollinated three branches separately, labelled with masking tape tags. These three males all have good form and promising scent. Happy with how early and vigorous they are. Will dry some leaves from each male, and do a smoke test.
  • (PBxBB) 1,2 & 4 x (PBxBB)3 (so taken to F2) #2 is the one that has some leaf deformity - will see how she smokes before deciding to carry forward any seed. Keeping an open mind.
  • Michka x (JxNLH)3 & Johaar 5 After taking out the males, there was more space in the flower area than I expected, so I moved the Michka back (find it hard to compost plants!). Even though I had some mould issues with her, she was productive and had an interesting high - might be worth taking forward some crosses. Also I have Michka x Buddah seed still from last grow. Michka is a haze cross, with Thai, Jamaican and Silver Pearl - some interesting genetics there - and might benefit from the vigor and mould resistance of the Johaar, and it would be nice to see some of the Johaar's clean mellow high.
  • Buddah x (JxNLH)#3 V happy with the branching and sturdy growth of the Buddah, and good solid flower formation. This is supposed to be a Thai IBL, but I'm not convinced. Might also cross with the DWJ as there are plenty of bud sites.
  • Blueberry#4 x Johaar 5 The Blueberry clone of #4 seems to be much more compact and bud-covered than the original I grew out from seed last time - also really dense, thick pistils. Looks lush. J5 is the most compact and branchy of the Johaar males.
Still trying to decide how to manage pollination with the rest of the Johaar and JNLH, etc. With untopped plants in small pots, there is mostly just a single accessible top cola - so multiple separate pollinations may be impossible. I can either a) mix all the pollen of the best males and use that on everything or b) choose a single "best" male. Using a different male for each female seems wrong somehow (!) - it would muddy the water when comparing offspring. its tricky, as the males have a range of good form, good scent or early flowering - but not all on the same plant.


Pollinated all Johaar with Johaar #5. Will also use Johaar #9, which is developing a good scent - lemon candy/spice - but it has not started shedding yet. Culled the male Johaar#14 as it had very sparse flowers with a low flower to leaf ratio - and no scent whatsoever.

Accidentally double-pollinated one of the Dance World buds also with JNLH3. Oops. So that bud was hit with both JxNLH#3 and DWxJ#3. Will redo the pollination and might give those seeds away

  • ALL (Johaar x Nitro Lemon Haze) F1s x JxNLH#9 (which had the best scent and flower formation, tho was a little later than JxNLH#3).
  • JNLH2 x (PBxBB)#3 Just for fun - my first F1 x F1 cross. Intrigued to see what this 4 way hybrid might produce. (Landrace sativa x hybrid haze sativa) x (2 afghan indica dominant hybrids). Might just have to grow out to F2 to find out...
  • Michka x JNLH#9. Just for fun.
  • JxNLH#8 x Johaar #9. Both have good relatively compact form with plentiful buds and a pleasant lemony scent.
  • Johaar2, 8, 10, 11, 12 x Johaar #9 So, progressed to F2 with the best two males (#5 and #9)
And also accidentally pollinated the Johaar#12 with JxNLH#9. Again! Need to be more careful with my pollinations! What I've started doing (apart from common sense things like moving females out of the main flower area to make the pollination, making sure fans off and no airflow, washing hands, changing clothes and spraying area down with spray mist afterwards) is to write down the crosses I plan to make with a checklist first, with pre-labelled buds if I'm making more than one cross on a female. But read the labels properly dammit! :(

The only pollinations I still need to make are to pollinate the female Buddah with the male (which is not quite shedding yet), to pollinate the female Nitro Lemon Haze's with the male, and to retain one male to pollinate the Northern Light Auto (either PBxBB or DWJ). So I've now just kept 4 males and have composted the rest: PBxBB, DWxJ#3 (the one that smells most like Dance World), NLH, and Buddah. Think I'll call it a day with pollen chucking for this round apart from those.

Pollinated NLH x NLH - so have seed of this strain to work with if I'd like to grow more. One of the two has much better form and bud to leaf ratio - the other has larger leaves and relatively tiny buds.
Because I'm a fucking muppet, I also accidentally pollinated Buddah with NLH. Holy shitsnacks, when am I going to learn??
Old 11-06-2020, 09:13 AM
Spider mites
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Found spider mites last night on my cuttings/mums. Have cleaned the whole area, culled the worst affected (think I got this quite early), pruned all, ditched duplicates so there is more space in there, and sprayed everything under the leaves with deltamethrin (what I had to hand). Will spray again in a few days. Have also ordered some neem soap and spinosad. Fingers cross I have caught this in time and it has not spread to the plants in flower. Will be keeping a close eye.

One casualty - I lost my Medical Mass mum & cuttings, but have a couple of seed left.

Also pollinated the NL Auto with (PBxBb)F1.

Wondering about next grow still... too many options, not enough space or time! Interested to progress some projects to the F2, so might prioritise those, and grow out enough to have a good range of males and females to choose from. The Purple Bud x Blueberry F2 should be an easy win, and I'm intrigued to see what the F2 of the Johaar x Nitro Lemon Haze turns out like. (Dance Word x Johaar) bx to Dance world is also crying out to be grown...

Seems to be a general feature of the cannabis world that it is very easy to make crosses, but very difficult to produce stable lines from them that are free from the adverse effects of endogamy.
Old 11-16-2020, 04:20 PM
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Tried my first experimental grafts, aiming to keep my clone mums backed up in a smaller space - and also potentially with evaluating multiple plants from a seedlot in a single large pot on one root-system.

Using two different cuttings of "Ragnar" (the feral volunteer, with unknown father and either Johaar or Highland Thai as the mother) as the rootstock, I inserted scions of Buddah on "R1", and Gelato on "Raven 1". Cuts made with a sterilized new blade, wrapped in saran-wrap, covered with plastic bag.

This proved to be considerably fiddlier than Darpa's expert pictures implied, but definitely doable. Need to practice this I reckon - I know its possible so will keep at it.

UPDATE 27th Nov. The grafts didnt take. I think I know what I did wrong, though - 1) the rootstock plants were not particularly healthy, 2) I took off the plastic bag after only 5 days & reckon I should have left it for longer and exposed to the air in stages & maybe most importantly I made the scions too big and included some leaflets on them - I think this was the killer, and made them die from water loss from transpiration before the graft had bonded.
Will try again!

In other news, all 6 of the Medical Mass x White Rhino F1s are up and looking good. 3 out of the 6 TRSC Afghan Mix have also fully emerged, and there are signs of life 2 out of the other 3. The Sherbet Queen has - against all odds - survived my cack-handed attempt to replant her after she started life shooting her taproot into the air...
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