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Old 06-25-2020, 06:38 AM
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Random Bag Seed grow

My first grow is random seeds found from supposively "medicinal" grade weed.

It was pretty good stuff, but these seeds are from many different strains that I can't even begin to remember.
Who knows how the seeds even came to be?
could be a cross strain for all I know.

anyway, I popped 10 of them and they are going alright.
next time might be better.
I am using nutrients from MB ferts.

Nutrients Used
•MB ferts Grow A & B
•MB ferts Flower A & B
•MB ferts Vitamin and Hormones Veg & Bloom
•MB ferts Vitamin and Hormones Bloom & Trichome
•MB ferts carbohydrates blend
•MB ferts Whey Protein
•CalMag Plus
•MB ferts late PK booster

The amount of nutrient I used started low, then went up as the plants progressed.

All 10 plants were started in peat moss, then put into
2 Plants were given away to a good home

3 were transferred to a Deep Water Culture 5 gallon pot

5 were transferred to a 5 gallon soil pot and escorted outside the grow tent

I used to take daily PPM and PH readings when I usedmy well water, but after I started distilling my own water I found that it comes out at 4ph; and the plant over time will swing it upwards.
I refill the water sometimes with nutrients, sometimes without.

By using the distilled water I was able to completely cut out using any PH adjustment.
When I would measure PPM and PH during bucket changes,
The PPMs would be around 300, and ph at around 6.66

Day 1

skip to Day 13

2.5ml per gallon growth formula
7.5ml per gallon root hormone & vitamin mix
mixed with well water thay's heavy in Calcium, Iron and Magnesium

total ppm:500-600

•2ml ph down from 8.8ph to 5.5

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19...
A rogue timer over ozonates the Grow Room

Day 21
cut down the damaged leaves, I was going to throw the plants out at this point but decided fuck it lets see what happens.

This is when I decided to transfer 5 plants outside
and 3 into Deep Water Culture

Dog does an inspect

Day 26

7.5ml growth formula per gallon
7.5ml per gallon root hormone & vitamin
5ml per gallon calmag

Day 31

Day 36

Day 37
*From this point onward I began to distill my well water
and the PPMs are at 1200
ph at 4

Day 39

some clones on the bottom

Day 50

I didn't think to shove all the plants in the grow tent I got, woops.

Day 51

Day 52
A closer look at the Topped plant
Light Schedule changed to flowering

Day 57

11 fan leaves (:

Day 60

Day 63
Finally shoved all the plants in one closet.
I should have had the lights closer throughout the entire grow, I was just afraid of burning the Bois.
I don't measure PPM anymore.
sometimes I add water with silica and vitamins

sometimes with nutrients and vitamins

I am no longer using auxins

Formula now is

12ml per gallon Flower formula
10ml per gallon calmag
7.5ml per gallon PK booster
7.5ml per gallon Bloom & Trichome + hormones & vitamins
1/4 tsp carbohydrates booster
1/4 hydrolyzed whey isolate protein

Day 68

Can someone help me? calyx or hermie?
I bumped into one of the stems and caused stress a couple days ago. I picked all of these things off, and I guess I will see what happens tomorrow.
Maybe I should've sprayed with water incase there was pollen...idk

this is what the outdoor plants look like at 69 days in veg

idk what to do with these tbh.
They got fimmed and topped, but I stopped because it was too much stress.
these plants would get whatever water was left in the indoor grow buckets during bucket changes.

now they get tap water and some grow nutrients + hormones sometimes.

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Old 06-25-2020, 09:43 AM
pollen sack
Creeperpark Creeperpark is offline

Join Date: 06-02-2012
Posts: 709
Those round objects are pollen sacks that are hermies. You are doing a super job and I really like your work. Thank you for sharing.
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