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Old 06-04-2020, 12:46 AM
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Wet Betty Hydroponics Indoor

Second Grow

To start off this grow journal, I would like to mention the goal of this grow. Knowing this is my second grow, I have learned the basics and gone through the process from start to finish. Now that I have some experience, my head first approach his to full send from here on. The goal of this grow is to maximize the knowledge I have gained to produce bud with the highest QUALITY that I can achieve. Again, quality over quantity. Granted this does not mean quantity is ignored. What kind of person would I be growing 2 grams of bud per plant with hundreds of dollars invested.. But moving on!

Grow Setup:
Tent: Vivosun 4x4 tent
Light: Mars Hydro TS3000
Ventilation: AC Infinity T6, 6" clip on fan (will be upgrading)
4 bucket Fallponic RDWC by PA Hydroponics

3 Wet Betty(fem) plants
-Mother: Gushers
-Reversal: Grease Monkey

1 Chocolate Chimp(fem) plant
Triple Chocolate Chip x Grease Monkey

These two strains are by Exotic Genetix. I had receive these seeds through Luscious Genetics. I had originally paid for Wet Betty but I also received an extra seed of Chocolate chimp.

The official start date is going to be this weekend. I already have the seeds in and I am antsy to get started but patience is key. I will be updating this journal this weekend with pictures, ph, and temp to get started.

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Old 06-06-2020, 11:58 PM
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Now is finally the weekend and I have begun the germination process! I am using the paper towel method of germinating my seeds. Just for extra measure, I went ahead and stuck a Co2 pad inside the zip lock also. The idea behind this is to get the roots that extra oomph. I will check on these in 24 hours. If I see root, I might attempt to transplant them to rock wool.

Side note: I am not doing 3 Wet Betty and 1 Chocolate Chimp. I actually had 3 seeds in the container for the chocolate chimp so I am doing 2 and 2.

Old 06-10-2020, 06:32 PM
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Join Date: 06-01-2020
Location: Oklahoma, USA
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Seeds have popped! I had checked on these yesterday morning and the roots were very good looking. Only one seed had a smallish root and I believe that was because of the root being pinched in the crease of the paper towel. Oops..

Wet Betty

Chocolate Chimp

Now since the seeds have popped, I transferred them to some rock wool. Then I put the CO2 pads in between the rock wool with a zip-lock loosely thrown over. This provides a somewhat of a chamber for the seeds and it helps me keep them labeled

And another picture to show off the new light and vent fan I have just setup.

Mars Hydro TS 3000
AC Infinity Cloudline T6
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