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Old 02-09-2017, 04:42 PM
Nugteq Nugteq is offline
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3400W Indoor Coco DTW Multi Strain Grow - First Ever Medical Grow

sup people. been doing a lot of reading for long time so I've decided to start giving back to ic with a grow journal for both yours and mine benefit.

i'm a complete newb in any sense of growing. this is my first ever grow. never growed a small tester plant nothing like that. firm believer in its better to just hit ground running. fun fact. throw a baby in the pool and it will swim.

i have a medical grow license for my ADHD. fuck big pharma and their chemicals. and screw these greedy ass dispensaries trying to nickel and dime u to death. (met plenty of good ones tho u get my drift)

running coco loco with 20 percent additional perlite. layer of perlite on bottom of smartpots. 3 gal and 1 gal. playing around with which is better. probably will settle with 2 gal. few growstones and occasional diactameous earth on top.

gh flora series lucas formula customized. epson/calmag/micro/grow/bloom/bennies/great white 1xevery other week

feedings in veg around 1.45 ec
seedlings getting 750ppm 30% diluted nute solution
ph 5.75 to 5.85
PPM meter bi weekly calibrated
RO Water

hand watered
DTW-watered till slight runoff..dont know how everyone says "20% runoff" but that shit too timely to measure? lol but just eyeballin things working good too lol
daily feed
except : *some strains every other day feeding
*some strains 3x daily feeding
*seedlings on need basis


wanted a nice variety of a few of my favorites

vegging blueberry kush/venom og/kryptonite/the sauce/bubba kush/durban poison/northern skunk/white widow/ak47

few weeks old purple kush, taffie, straw bannana sherbet, strawberry fields crocket family farms

and just about to pop blue steel, kimbo kush, and trapstar from exotic genetics

supercropping and topping and lollypopping and fming and defoliating
fuck it trying em all lol

lets get this party started.

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Old 02-09-2017, 04:47 PM
Nugteq Nugteq is offline

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pics to come
Old 02-10-2017, 04:26 PM
Posacenere Posacenere is offline

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WTF 3400 w?
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