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Old 07-22-2018, 02:39 AM
ThenewCropman ThenewCropman is offline
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Warm up grow ! Lets see how she goes

Alright everyone ,

I appreciate any knowledge that people can pass on. I look forward to being able to keep track of the results and help dial in the grow space !!

So let's start with the area:
5x5 tent with a 1000hps variable ballast. ( currently at 600).

Going with coco and they are in 5g pots.

Trying the AN coco line, with some added b and some voodoo at the beginning to help with root growth. Keeping Ph around 5.4-5.9.

Watering everyday, from what I have learned in H3ads thread.

Relatively slow growth at the beginning. Think it was from the low watt leds I was using to start the seedlings. Speaking of seedlings, 2 of them are from an Ace Reg Mix bag( nice surprise.. Sort of....). And a bangi haze reg seed that is about a week and a bit behind.

Currently have slight curling of the leaves. Think it was from too little of nutrients... Will post pictures tomorrow of the setup and the babies. Temps are staying around 23-28`c. 40-65% humidity.

Here is where they current stand:

Leaf curl has gone away since I took the light further away.

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Old 08-02-2018, 01:30 AM
ThenewCropman ThenewCropman is offline

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Update on the situation. The ace mix in the back was a male... so I have put him outside with my dogs. Well see how he does haha..

Leaf curl has been solved by a little less water and raising of the light. Will have to continue raising the light with the growth which does worry me. Thinking I should flip earlier since I'm running out of room for the light to go up.

Thinking I'm going to take clones next week then flip couple days after.

Going to try to upload my photos but it's really turning out to be a pain. I have placed them in my photo album labeled "1st"

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