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Old 07-20-2017, 05:01 AM
Jbaby77 Jbaby77 is offline
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Og chem from CG

Started an og chem grow, so far started 11 seeds 9 popped just finished sexing at week 7 veg and got 6 ladies! I'll get pics up in a couple days but looks like 2 phenos right now but we'll see. If anyone's grown this please hook me up on what to exspect pheno wise, and stretch. Vegged in 1/2 gallon coco and will be transplanted to 1 gallon for flower. Flora nova bloom, fl+, cal mag, kool bloom, and some of this that and the other

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Old 07-21-2017, 05:42 PM
Jbaby77 Jbaby77 is offline

Join Date: 08-03-2016
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Just wanted add alittle more detail of the grow. Vegged under mars hydro 300 in 2x2 tent, flowered under mars hydro pro 160 w/remote applying a sun up and sun down setting. Both tents are only 4' tall so ya training is a most. 400 cfm exhaust with 3 fans in tent, I run higher humidity than most 60-70% so fans are needed. Will update in 2 weeks when they get thrown into flower, but as of now can say all are very vigorous and thick stemmed, would still like any pheno info you guys have,1600 view and no ones grown??
Old 07-22-2017, 10:45 PM
Jbaby77 Jbaby77 is offline

Join Date: 08-03-2016
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Just before trimming up and taking 2 clone from each
Old 08-01-2017, 04:31 AM
Jbaby77 Jbaby77 is offline

Join Date: 08-03-2016
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Here these ladies are day 1 flower, just topped,super cropping/training... trying to slow the stretch, don't have much head room eid=1769243 ureid=1769244
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