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Old 03-10-2019, 04:42 PM
JerryPakul JerryPakul is offline
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Jerry's Tent with OG Kush and Ghost Train Haze (1000w LED and 400 HPS in Coco)

Hi All,

Been a long time creeper on here and have learned so much as this place has a great community.

I've been growing outdoors for a decade and the past few years have moved to dabble indoors as well. Now with legalization I feel as though I can come out of the shadows a bit

So here is my first attempt at a Grow Journal. I will be the majority of posting from my phone so I imagine there will be a learning curve.

Here's what I have going go. See below for what I'm running. I will post pictures later once the lights come on.


OG Kush by Dinafem - I've had this strain for a bit now and just keep cloning I have flowered it out 4 times now and the yield is so so but the quality and potency is amazing so I have attempted to keep it as long I can. One of my personal faves must of got lucky with pheno or something.

Ghost Train Haze by RD - I popped these awhile ago but was relocating during veg. Long story short they have been brought back from the dead. I was happy because I'm yet to try this strain but hear nothing but good things.


Tent - 4x4x8 (lol possibly 5x5 can't remember) from Amazon

Ventilation - Passive and Modified Stanley blower via DIY from ICMAG. Seems to be more than adequate.

Using homemade fabric pots that's were small leftovers from outdoor season. They vary in size and one pot is an coffee container roughly .5 gal I'm guessing. The pots sit in a DIY flood table the drains into a large bowl that a empty as needed. Using a Coco and perlite mixture.


I'm running Heads Formula. GH Micro for hardware and GH Bloom at 6 & 9 per gallon. I use Kool Bloom as I feel needed throughout. Using the less is more philosophy. I try to maintain 5.7 throughout veg and first of flowers then gradually move up to 6.0-6.1 throughout mid and late flower.

Well that's all I can think of know. I will post some pictures later tonight.

What I'm trying to get out of this experience is obviously a solid grow but also seeking as much friendly criticism as possibly to further by own growing knowledge. I'm also here to meet some like minded people as I find now that it's legalized there's still a negative stigma on growing I feel.

Well that's all for now stay tuned.


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Old 03-11-2019, 03:57 AM
JerryPakul JerryPakul is offline

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Still trying to figure all the pictures and operating this site on a mobile so I apologize in advance.

So here we go. I forgot to mention that I currently only have the led turned on and will have turn on the HPS on later this week. Currently 5 days flower.

So here's some pictures.

Ghost Train Haze - There are two here on the left the one behind in a small pot and kinda tough to see.

OG Kush x 2

Modified Stanley Blower


Well that's all for now be back in a few days with an update. The photos were less painful then I thought
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