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Old 09-13-2017, 02:09 AM
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Some barneys strains (diy led grow)

A pal stopped by the other day and asked if id like to help him make room in his little grow box where he stored mothers (as he usually takes clip and throws mothers away after exceeding his dimensions of his little box) i like to keep as many strains as i possibly can so i took in 3 new strains. Vanilla kush, Triple cheese (2), and 8ball kush

As you can see (if my pics appear) they are a little beat up, neglected, but he says they clone super easy and i have tons of sites i can start. Now ill figure out what kind of setup ill use and take a series of clones. Im waiting for my single dwc plant i have in the closet to finish but after that i will have 3×4 of some good space with up to 230 watts of good diy cobs and panels i built. If anyone has messed with these youll know that they are a indica dominant and is projected to be small and bushy. So what would you guys do? Sog in small soil, run dwc buckets and have large plants rather than many small ones? Ive never ran these so if anyone has any info on how their strains grew and success rate? Im going to document this grow regardless since i havent found much on these particular barneys straims on here. Welp..stay tuned. And any advice, constructive or not, is greatly appreciated

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Old 09-13-2017, 02:16 AM
Pic of the strains i forgot to post


Triple cheese (2)
8ball kush
Vanilla kush
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