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Old 07-23-2014, 04:09 AM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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Elmers Glue - Relentless Seeds - 4'X4' Gorilla, 3X3 Jardin - Gavita, 6000K - PPK

Elmers Glue (GG#4 X The White); Purchased via Seedbay - $80 - from private producer: Relentless.

Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
you guys that got the eg seeds are in for a very pleasant surprise, this is one excellent cross.
Originally Posted by dank.frank View Post
The saving grace is that all the genetics that make GG#4 are good plants - and there is still a wealth of possibility contained within the broader gene pool on which she was built.
Originally Posted by VenturaHwy View Post
The white crosses I've grown are amazing, dense rock hard buds and super potent and stinky. Only problem is some don't grow tall enough so they don't yield too good, your crosses shouldn't have that problem..... great job.

seven seeds in Rockwool @ 9:00 pm.

Environmental Conditions
Water temperature: 74 ± 2°F
Air temperature: 75 ± 3°F
Humidity: 68 ± 5%

pH: ? - R/O H20
Working Solution ppm: 100, consisting primarily of FloraNova Bloom nutrient
No specific orientation for the seeds; allowing gravity and seeds to do the work. I sterilized my hands, equipped a glove and dropped them into the cubes.
Three oscillating fans operating @ specific locations. Air exchange halted to allow heat to accrue in tent - desire ~82°F. Fogger humidity controller @ 75%. HPS @ 350W, providing heat - there are cheaper ways to achieve desired temperature, but I want the seeds immediately exposed to illumination upon hatching.

Running 120°F tap H20 - ~200 PPM, Bleach, 35% H202 - through the individual growth sites to kill potential harmful bacteria. Root matter remains in the turface, but it's manageable. Will run SM90 entire duration opposed to DMZ and 35% H202 - to ensure controlled input. Only addition to reservoir solution.

Update: SM90 curdles in stagnant solutions; ineffective for stagnant reservoirs.

Only using ~3.5 gallons of medium - turface. Vegetative duration is short and excess area allows for too much growth - undesirable in my conditions - during stretch - so I've read. Also easier to flood growth sites.


Goals: Connoisseur Quality; Efficient Production; Benefit>Cost; Stress Free.
Improvements: Documentation; Photographs; Management Style.
Reminders: Proactive; Preventative; First Things First; Synergize; Communicate.
Risks: Hermaphrodites; Inferior Phenotypes.

Good luck?!?

Originally Posted by ECtraveler View Post
. The smaller CMH room has now outperformed (quality-wise) the climate controlled room all 3 times.
Originally Posted by spurr
I have found a hybrid system has preformed better than conventional or natural alone.

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Old 07-23-2014, 06:39 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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July 23
Light Duration: 24 hours currently; switch to 20/4 @ sign of trifoliate. Four hours off from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.
Temperature: 78 ± 3°F
Humidity: 68 ± 5%
Rockwool Surface Temperature: ?
Environment akin to a Rain Forrest. I begin sweating, but can feel the constant breeze - three oscillating fans and a 400CFM fan recirculating external of the tent. I've achieved the humidity of under canopy forrest conditions and the constant circulation above the canopy - balance.

Operations Management
Closest I came to failing a class. The Secret Jardin tent won't arrive until next week Monday, so I will have to improvise. I'll likely purchase larger rock-wool cubes today for transplant.

Trimming Gloves marketed to Cannabis industry.

Entrepreneurial and Business Advice
An individual who started a business baking cookies is answering questions on Reddit. It's evident the strategies required to run a successful operation. The most important lesson: "Strongly identify what makes your product unique. Use the highest quality ingredients you can find - let everyone know about your ingredients (lots of people cut corners)". This is evident in many threads you view - life in general. Also seek the best information you can find.
"If I had to do it over I'd have begun with more money as money can buy you productivity". The rich get richer. People call me cheap, but I have priorities.
Applying these lessons to the cannabis industry.

Re-moistened Rockwool cubes. Slightly dry around edges. Repositioned fans as I beleive they were directly contacting. Need to find a balance of air movement to deter mold, while not stressing plants transpiration rate.
Old 07-24-2014, 03:15 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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July 24
Will employ two PPK growth sites within 3X3 tent. Will choose one of the most vigorous and another with medium vigor - attempting to balance to time flip appropriately. I'll use two SCROG nets.
Radicle visible on all specimens. Disturbed rockwool to ensure stress free emergence.
Environmental conditions stable - ideal. Rockwool Surface temperature: 75 ± 2°F. Moisture profile ideal.
Purchased a syringe for controlled solution - 100 PPM high phosphorous nutrient - administration - maintaining ideal 02 and H20 balance (moisture profile).
Continuing to run R/O H20 through turface.
Attached Hydro Logic filter to adjacent room sink for increased output/availability.
Powered ballast to 100%, resulting temperature: 82F - ambient.

I'm not certain I will be cloning any specimens. I have my sights set on a "Triangle Kush x ECSD(r)" cross that OJD may release.

Relevant Quote
"I would suggest growing longer and getting more familiar with strains... being able to identify quality strains to work with and then be able to ID keepers is necessary, without those skills you will be paddling upstream...if I were you I would spend a few years growing out as many strains as I could then find and keep the ones that I like the best..." (infinitesimal).
Old 07-24-2014, 04:03 PM
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What is the lineage of Elmers Glue?
Old 07-24-2014, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Relentless View Post
Original Glue #4 x The White=Elmers Glue
Sounds like some dank!
Old 07-25-2014, 09:48 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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Join Date: 11-08-2013
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July 25
First Seedling Fully Erect: 2:00 PM. Carefully assisted in removal of seed shell.
Agitated rockwool cubes to assist in emergence.
Sanitized hands and checked moisture profile: ideal - completely moist, balanced.
Administering fresh 100 PPM solution @ 4:00 pm.
Creating individual mounds to assist in transplant and provide adequate room for tap root @ 4:00 pm.
SunMaster Full Nova 6000K powered @ 100%. Slight acoustic resonance, but I'm using the damn bulb regardless - depends upon severity, appears stable.

Found the missing seed! Germinated in the turface; ~1 inch tap root. Placed it in a rockwool cube; although I'm not certain it will have a home... Planning only six sites. I'm sure one seed will express noticeably retarded growth relative.
Administered 4 ml, 100 PPM - FloraNova Bloom - solution to each individual rockwool cube. PH of solution ~5.2 - according to dropper kit, so I followed the solution with 3 ml of 3 PPM R/O H20 - ~6.2 PH.
Exposed seedlings to direct illumination. 600W Full Nova @ 3.5' - ~350 umol(?).

Preventative Action
Neem application - Triple Action Neem Oil - @ day 14, 28, and ~40.
Continual and excessive air movement/exchange.
SM-90 application every week - half of recommended amount, ~2ml/gal.
Sulfur Burner @ day 18, 32, and ~42.
No Pest Strips?

Barnes & Noble Reading
"...when you prune isn't nearly as important as you have been lead to believe. How you prune is what counts." (The Pruning Book). Valuable and paramount information; improper - or lack thereof - pruning damaged my yield and overall quality.
"...each plant has a pruning budget. The budget can be large or small, and it is made up of a combination of three factors: the kind of cuts (heading, selective heading, or thinning); the size of the cuts (big or small); and the amount of foliage removed (a lot or a little)." (The Pruning Book). Pruning is an art and a science; observe the effects and record data - especially if maintaining clones.
Old 07-26-2014, 01:31 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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July 26
Required assistance removing seed coating - sanitized hands and carefully detached with nails.
Tap root not exposed.
Will not exceed 1.2 EC for the entire duration. Quote Regarding clone GG#4: "If she gets overfed she will lock up around week four/five and stop growing and just finish up." (Third Coast).


All cotyledons healthy and green. Unifoliate developed and photosynthesizing.
Rockwool Surface Temperature: 82 ± 3°F
Seedling Surface Temperature: 82 ± 3°F
Humidity Controller - Dayton - Set @ 85%.
Three oscillating Holmes fans - indirect movement. Tent flap open for passive exchange.
Lung Room: 78 ± 2°F, 70 ± 3% RH. 400 CFM fan w/ 430 CFM Phresh Intake - cleansing of mold, dander - 330 Can Fan circulating.

Hydro Logic Stealth RO 100 allows me to easily access 3 PPM H20 from my adjacent bathroom faucet. Because it attaches directly I can control the temperature of the output; this is ideal for quick fixes when I don't wish to stress the roots - my under-sink unit outputs ~65 ± 3°F H20 depending. Perfect for watering seedlings, foliar sprays, etc...

Relevant Quote
"...I would be a phoney if I didn't share my near disasters. anyway it is the way you manage to get back ahead of the problems that's interesting to share. growing the dank is so old school diary shit." (SirSomkalot). Must provide entire experience; internet allows individuals to hide, decieve, and lie. Easy to take a picture of your best flower out of pounds for the beauty pictures. This isn't an easy ride.

Quote: Pest Control
"...if you think of evolution as a three-and-a-half-billion-year-long labratory experiment, and the gene pool as the store of information accumulated druing the course of that experiement, you begin to appreciate that nature has far more extensive knowledge about her operations than we do. The trick is to put her knowledge to our purpose in the garden." (Second Nature, Michael Pollan). Proponent of organic practices and creating a healthy balance of control in the garden. This is evidence for organic production, but water-culture continues to prove successful - for now(?).
Old 07-27-2014, 02:54 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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July 27
Awaiting arrival of Secret Jardin 36"X36"X72". I'll be employing an Adjust-a-wing and 140CFM fan for exchange/extraction.
Saturating PPK turface w/ 200 PPM solution - 120 ± 10 PPM Jack's, 80 ± 10 PPM CalNit to satisfy CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity); replacing w/ 200 PPM solution post withdrawal.
Referencing previous journal, germination time ~equivalent. I transplanted @ 6 days post sowing - prematurely introducing to 600 PPM solution, which severely hindered efficient/effective assimilation.
Transplanting tonight - didn't observe over-watering post transplant in 35% porosity turface media @ day six previous grow.

Improvement: Air Purity/Filtration

Effortlessly attaches to intake port. One box - ~$7.00 - provides for three ports. You can feel the pressure w/ 2X+ air exchange - evident air is flowing through fabric.

Replaced 4" 140 CFM intake w/ Filtrete with 6" 400 CFM w/ 430 CFM Phresh intake filter. Quite loud; likely purchase quality centrifugal fan to increase efficiency and secrecy.
Introduced Gavita @ 600W - 3 ft clearance, ~600 umol. Employed 150 Watt LED @ 2.5' - ~80 umol.

Temperature: 82 ± 2°F
Humidity: 56 ± 5%
C02:~500 ± 150 PPM
Seedling Surface Temperature: 81 ± 2°F
Water Temperature: 80 ± 2°F
Intake Temperature (Lung Room): 78 ± 2°F
PPK PPM: 200 ± 20, .5 scale
Gravity Reservoir: 200 PPM, will input SM90 into gravity reservoir for gradual introduction.

Competitive Advantage
Quote from thread Simple tips to grow excellent cannabis: "Check your garden everyday if possible. Yes, some growers like to brag about how they have everything automated and dont have to work.. But you never know when you will discover that small patch of PM, or that small web of spider mites, or that other random problem you are likely to find. I check my growroom 2-3x a day, i guess im OCD. I like to identify and fix problems ASAP!!" (Yes4Prop215). Although, Double Edged Sword; sometimes it's better to empower the plants - certainly if your new to growing - and not be overly reactive.

Input solution PPM: ~210
± 15
Exchanging solution @ 9:00 pm w/ 200 PPM (120
± 10 Jack's, 80 ± 10 CalNit).
Complete flood/saturation @ 55 seconds. Equilibrium achieved @ ?.
Old 07-28-2014, 01:56 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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Join Date: 11-08-2013
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July 28
Temperature Generally Stable @ 82 ± 2°F
Humidity: 50 ± 5%
Ambient C02: 475 ± 150 PPM
Diluted PPK reservoir to 100 PPM. Diluted Gravity Reservoir to 100 PPM. Some suspicion regarding effectiveness of transpiration; Quite hot/intense so they are likely transpiring excessively. Quick drying of surface Turface evidence of aggressive surface temperature/illumination.

Documentation: Seedling, Day 6

Distinguishable characteristics exhibited - leaflet structure. Do all babies look the same?


Gavita Pro 600/750 E-Series Flex DE 120-240V Fixture
Total Grow TG15A-0x Light Fixture

Able to eyeball the dry nutrient and come ~10 PPM of desired target - which is sufficient.
Knowing certain phenotypes will exhibit diverse/unique characteristics I can place accordingly - 4X4X7 or 3X3X6 - to ensure ideal light clearance - 1,000 umol, 75 ± 2°F surface temperature. Flipping to 12/12 @ ~2.5 ft height - variables.
Timing for SCROG application - utilize early in development for LST training.
Old 07-29-2014, 03:04 AM
Infinitesimal Infinitesimal is offline
my strength is a number, and my soul lies in everyone

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Posts: 4418
I would give cloning a shot, it worked my first time and that was in rock wool from a revegg plant without any rooting hormones...

ez cloners, whether bought or DIY are fool proof and if you can vend them to local dispanaries pay for themselves.

plust you may find a keeper out of those seeds, you never know until you smoke it.
Old 07-29-2014, 02:39 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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July 29
Investing in cloning equipment as suggested by Infinitesimal.
Continuing to read and view threads of revered and experienced gardeners.

Relevant Quote: Management
"...I think some of your note taking and observations come in such a short / compact amount of time that you REALLY aren't getting the full impact of what you are doing, before you go and alter it again... Which introduces so many variables that even the best note taking in the world gets to be a bit moot - because you loose the ability to accurately pinpoint what did what..." (dank.frank). Must improve management approach.

Relevant Quote: Quality/Connoisseur Genetics
"OG's and Sours are some of the best when factoring in things flowering time, yield, bud density etc etc... but if those things weren't accounted for and only the unique qualities to the smell and tastes and special aspects to the effects along with good to strong potency were the concern of the breeder and or cultivator... then there are all kinds up options for much more connoisseur quality cannabis but it may take between 14 - 26 weeks to flower and only yield half the amount you would from a single run of OG... so you can see how rare and valuable things like that would be... that is connoisseur cannabis, but sadly, many don't truly know what it means." (Infinitesimal). To establish connoisseur brand I must continue to acquire experience, knowledge, and feedback; also I must continue my pursuit for exceptional genetics.

Keep it

I planted the seed of my mind in a medium too concentrated; I can't effectively assimilate the complexities of gardening at my current level of experience - too young. As I grow I can increase the inputs - advanced knowledge - and introduce new concepts. Growing/evolving together.
Cannabis resin a tool to build an improved state of mind - provided one is willing to listen.
Old 07-30-2014, 06:56 PM
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July 30
Brainstorming. Thinking of ways to best exploit my available space; watts per square foot, footprint, height, canopy, cloning, etc...
Pictures to come Friday post completion of build and transplant.

Previous Harvest

You get the idea... poor execution - poor equipment and lighting... Nonetheless, a beautiful flower.
Old 07-31-2014, 06:47 PM
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July 31
Trifoliate developing.
Inputs stable - Temperature, Humidity, Illumination, Solution, Saturation/Flood Intervals.
Awaiting necessary equipment for assembly of second production site - adjacent to 4X4X7 tent - and cloning location.
Temperature: 79f
Humidity: 60%
C02: 450 PPM

Previous harvest smoke harsh. Surmise excess quantity (availability) of nitrogen the culprit. Inputs were gradually reduced over two week period - illumination, solution concentration, temperature. Ensure timely solution exchanges to guarantee ideal nutrient ratios.

Due to excessive evaporation and continual input of 100 PPM solution via gravity reservoir the EC has risen two fold - 200 PPM. Noticed slight distortion beginning on unifoliate - identical to first grow. Withdrawing 5 gallons solution and inputting 5 gallons 3 PPM R/O.

Distinguishable aroma when nose ~2 ft from seedlings. Upon rubbing the foliage via my fingers I am hit with a pungent, distinguished aroma.

Like fruit - berries, apples, peaches - each individual is often slightly different; from the sweetness/bitterness, to color and ultimately ripeness. More individuals should harvest a plant in stages depending upon individual maturity. If the plant is provided the necessary energy, ideally all the branches will mature @ the same time.
Old 08-01-2014, 06:10 PM
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August 1
Experienced minimal flooding @ 5/8" Garden Hose and 1/2" Carlon Fitting connection; wrapped Plumbers Tape around the male piece, reconnected the garden hose and tightened the clamps.
PVC flood tubing effective. I could run the pump continuously and operate the unit as an high flow active water culture system.

PPK #1
Seedling growth vigorous. On par with previous operation - ECSD S1
Trifoliate developed.
Document height?

PPK #2
Flood: 30 Seconds
Drain: ~8 Seconds
Equilibrium: ~15 seconds post flood.
Other parameters to be documented post light installation.
Need Plumbers Glue for PVC connections.


Neighbors are verbally fighting; love it - distracts from my somewhat suspicious lifestyle. Often have a feeling individuals constantly watching, but remember everyone is focused upon their daily - not always true in suburbia lol.

. Almost complete. Photo tomorrow morning.
Old 08-02-2014, 01:58 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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August 2
Need Method 7 glasses.
Continually purchasing missing pieces to the puzzle.

Current Design

"I would not have bought the all in one if I had known the PAR was better with aftermarket hoods." (Purple Frostbyte). Current spread inferior.
During Late Vegetative stage I will introduce a 600W full spectrum - 4k - bulb vertically.

Current Seedling Progress

Slight distortion on unifoliate. Occurred during first operation as well. Keeping a close eye on PPM's, Surface Temperature, and Humidity.
Old 08-03-2014, 05:28 PM
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August 3
Purple color expressed on underside of leaves - phenotypes vary.
Leaving Tent open for improved heat dissipation.
Temperature: ~81f
Humidity: 52%
Surface Temperature: 78f +/- 1f
Neem Oil - preventative/proactive - application this week.

Relevant Quote - Heirloom/Landrace Genetics
"...researchers make several arguments on behalf of the old rose. Old roses are undeniable hardier than modern roses, and most of them are not nearly as susceptible to the various rose plagues. Old roses also possess a much more powerful perfume--scent, like disease resistance, having been more or less ignored by the modern breeder in his quest for..." (Second Nature, Micheal Pollan). Identical to Cannabis industry; consequences of increasingly commercialized industry - $$$. Veteran consumers of cannabis often remark of the bland effect the majority of modern cannabis provides relative to the complex 14-24 week foreign sativa effects. It's evident those at the forefront of cannabis breeding - Sam_Skunkman - are producing old school haze varieties in an outdoor setting.
Originally Posted by Jericho Mile View Post
...I've never eaten a tomato from any Farmers Market that tastes like homegrown ones.

My experience...
Exercise - Physical and Mental
Exercising the mind and physical one in the same; to achieve genetic potential an individual must follow protocol. Physically, the signs of exhaustion and diminishing returns are obvious; mentally, individuals routinely exhaust their reserved/stored energy. Individuals must allocate their time wisely to achieve desired outcome - ultimate goal. In physical exercise: either a toned frame, bulking, weight loss, etc...
I'm learning to create an effective schedule to achieve productive use of my mind - genetic potential - which includes leisure, partnership, physical exercise, isolation, etc...
"...Sometimes it's not the garden, but the philosophy that needs worked on..." (dank.frank). Grow your person.

How does a 24/0 mother plant vegetative schedule affect cloning times and success rate relative to 20/4, 18/6, 8/4/8/4?
Old 08-05-2014, 12:38 AM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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August 4
Lateral branches developing at an exponential rate. Curious to compare vegetative development w/ intense Gavita illumination and water culture - PPK - to others producing Elmers Glue.

Post Harvest Care
Speaking to Lab Technician regarding testing, it's evident the importance of exercising care when handling flowers - delicate resin heads. Resin heads house the desired components required for a pleasant, complete effect. I'd like to take a microscope comparison photograph of hand trimmed vs machine trimmed resin.
Store inventory in the dark; keeping the resin isolated from uv spectrum - or is there more spectrum that degrades potency?
Store in a cool environment. Excessive temperatures exhaust terpenes and many myriad of compounds that provide a complex smoke experience. My friend stated he left the jar in a hot car and upon opening it the odor was incredibly pronounced. This is because the delicate and desired compounds have been released/activated - I beleive.

Controlled walk in cannabis coolers - akin to beer, wine, and cigars. At a cigar chop I visited individuals could enter a controlled environment that housed connoisseur cigars at ideal conditions. Similar strategy as Showcase Lighting Optimization idea - general improvement in product positioning, packaging, aesthetic and function.
Old 08-05-2014, 02:19 PM
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August 5
Documentation of Lateral Branching in form of picture to be submitted today.
Estimated Harvest Date: ~70. So I'm expecting ~4 weeks of stretch which will require aggressive, proactive training program to guarantee necessary parameters for ideal development - genetic potential.
Currently not stressing PPM and PH of Gravity Reservoir and PPK; solution at a concentration which assists in ease of assimilation and seedlings at stage of life that doesn't demand excessive quantities of nutrient.

Photo Documentation: Day 14

Excited to witness and document the lateral development - dominance, branching, structure.
Crinkled unifoliate, possible PH issue? Uptake/transpiration trouble?
One plant of Seven expresses Purple color under the leaves.
Observed isolated necrotic spot on an individuals unifoliate.

Improvement: Harvest
Phenotype #3 expressed delayed/retarded resin glands according to the lab technician post microscopic analysis - visibly small relative to fully developed specimens.

PSA - Lab Testing
Flower testing is slightly misleading; labs request ~one gram submissions, which allows for cherry-picking of the best flower - akin to online photography. This isolated analysis is quite deceptive; not absolutely indicative of entire batch quality - specifically the mold analysis. Especially with phenotypes; I could only submit the phenotype that would net the greatest return and group the others within the ounce/pound.

Purchase a Lab Grade Microscope; providing data regarding resin maturity, debris, pests, and mold. Also: Fun.
A microscope should be required at medicinal dispensaries; educating the consumers about the potential contaminants and ultimately distinguishing superior product - justifying cost.

Flushing, Drying and Curing
- Relationship?
The plant continues to function post chop; using stored nutrient and ultimately prolonging maturity of resin. As long as moisture is present the plant continues to function(?), thus lending to an improved resin profile and quality smoke experience. So, if you flush early and deprive plant of the necessary constituents for growth, the final product would be incapable of effectively drying, curing and ultimately developing complex resin.
It's no wonder the large majority of flowers result in such bland effects, taste, and aroma; individuals deprive the maturing plants of the necessary components of growth within the critical phase of development.
This is why organic grows generally produce a superior product, because the plants control the maturity date and achieve senescence without intervention from uneducated growers. If the hydroponic producer learns to understand this then they can produce complex resin.
Old 08-06-2014, 04:16 AM
dank.frank dank.frank is online now

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I don't think I'd be spraying them with anything at all unless you SEE something that warrants this...

They are really young still. If you feel the need to do this, then don't use full strength.

In regards to cloning - I can't speak to specific lighting schedules having any effect on rooting times as I've never noticed - I typically leave all veg lights on 24hrs. I can, however, state that having TOO MUCH light is counter productive. More light = high rates of photosynthesis and quicker depletion of the stored nutrition in the leaves, which the plants are surviving on until they get roots and are able to uptake any new nutrition. Light levels enough to keep the plants alive is all that is truly required and your cuttings stay greener longer. I have much higher survival rates (90%+) under lower light conditions than I ever did under more intense light. I use a single 4ft T-8 fixture with 2 bulbs for my clones...regardless of them being in plugs, aero, or bubbler. I typically keep things under a dome until I'm certain they have passed the initial shock (4-5 days) and then open the vents at the top of the dome to gradually (2 days) introduce them back to ambient room environment. I typically get roots within 10-14 days. And I don't mean the first onset of roots - I mean full, long roots that are ready for planting.

Typically, when using the aero or bubble cloner - I'll see the first root nodules around 6-7 days. At this time I usually put a 2 DROPS per gallon of water of Thrive Alive B-1, green label - into the water to give a bit of nutrition and encourage rooting.

I only use rooting hormone when using plugs - I don't bother at all when using aero or bubbler.

Good luck on your Elmer's Glue - mine is just starting to throw out it's first couple of pistils so flowering is just starting on mine.

Old 08-06-2014, 04:38 PM
TerpeneTom TerpeneTom is offline
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August 6
Important concept: Photo Inhibition. Relevant for my current operation; seedlings exposed to intense illumination that will not be effectively and efficiently assimilated. I will continue to introduce seedlings to aggressive inputs, but instead power the Gavitas ~400 watts, ~3ft.
Node distances ideal. Early exposure to intense illumination and spectrum encourages dense development, thus fully exploiting my available space - efficiency.
Specific specimen expressing signs of Calcium Deficiency.
Majority of specimens expressing signs of Heat and Transpiration stress - VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit).
Temperature: 83f
Humidity: 50%
Note: Do not flower in late summer - Michigan - without controlled climate/environment - apparent on days like these.

Spicy meat and coffee; deep dark notes. I do not possess the experience required to claim seedlings possess a truly distinguished aroma, but the aroma is unique to me - although I haven't any recollection of my ECSD S1 seedlings aroma.
Unquestionable Dubble Bubble Gum aroma upon physical leaf rub of specific phenotypes. Distinct pepper aroma apparent on others.

Personal Safety
Purchased protective eye wear - providing relief from uv and intense illumination emitted by Gavita fixtures. Also provides new perspective - visual.

: Benefit > Cost
Purchased another 6" Inline Fan to guarantee ideal air exchange - ~2X per minute - and cleansing/scrubbing of particles, carbon, mold, etc...

Adopting a new outlook in my presently diverse garden; not focusing specifically upon the individual, but upon the whole - due to phenotype variation. Noticing a few "individuals" expressing signs of distress, but generally focusing upon satisfying the whole - no overly reactive measures to correct if population generally healthy.
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