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Strain Name: Aliens on Moonshine
Breeder: Sin City Seeds
Posted By: GastroGrower on 03-22-2016
Genotype: mostly indica
Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? No
Sex Characteristics: Female
Stature: Many tops
Yield: Medium to high
Odor: Earthy, light citrus, spicy
Taste: Pungent flavor of earthy, pine and a slight bit of citrus
Buzz: 80% body/20% head - heavy hitting and long lasting
Grow Info: This plant reacts very well to a hydroponic medium and heavy topping. With adequate light coverage, you can expect large cola production on all tops.
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More Aliens on Moonshine Pix!
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Click for full size image
Click to View Full SizeOriginally bred by Sin City Seeds, this indica dominant hybrid provides a heavy body high with a somewhat cloudy head high. Very flavorful and easy to grow. Susceptible to powdery mildew if present in the growing environment.


Aliens on Moonshine
-Sour Alien
-Original Sour Diesel
-Sour Diesel
-Original Diesel
-Sour OG
-Sour Diesel
-SFV OG Kush
-Alien Kush
-Las Vegas Purple Kush
-Northern Lights
-Hindu Kush
-Alien Dog
-Chem Dawg
-Alien Technology
-White Moonshine
-The White
-Blue Moonshine (F3)
-Blueberry (F2)
-Blueberry line (F1)
-Temple Flo

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Comment Posted by: dairylanddank on 10-14-2017 at 20:31
cant wait to see how these finish out, im in the 702 too....much love!
Comment Posted by: GastroGrower on 01-23-2017 at 03:49
Not sure that there are any feminized seeds available at this time. I received this cut as a clone.
Comment Posted by: Badfishy1 on 12-10-2016 at 21:29
Available for purchase?
Comment Posted by: jammie on 11-07-2016 at 17:39
real nice looking plants
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