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Strain Name: Moon Cheese
Breeder: JT @ 70's Bush Seed Co.
Posted By: Farm Hero on 07-10-2012
Genotype: mostly sativa
Flowering Time: 65 Days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? No
Sex Characteristics: Female
Stature: Naturally balanced plant, supports flowers well
Yield: big yield foxtail bracts forming numerous col
Odor: sweet skunky, faint lemon/lime, dairy cheese
Taste: tart yet sweet, old school flavors
Buzz: Speedy, Energetic, Happy, Creative, Pain Relief
Grow Info: Plant really stretches in flower, a 2ft plant can end up over 5ft in hydroponics with CO2 enrichment. Grow her large as you can. Buds at the tip of branches so no popcorn. Very easy to trim with few, thin leaves. A real pleasure to grow. Suprisingly, not much odor in flower. Clones root easily but grow slow at first. Top shelf all the way, zero disappointment. Potent and memorable.
Moon Cheese Ratings
Overall: 8
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More Moon Cheese Pix!
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Fills out really nice, this is week 7
Click for full size image
Cured to a funky goat cheese odor
Click for full size image
fat pod (bract) foxtails
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Moon Cheese "old school blast of skunky sweetness" -JT

Lineage: Exodus UK Cheese x Brazilian Sativa

Flower Cycle: 65 days

Vigorous Sativa Hybrid

Sea-foam green, thin leaves really show off the flowers that form as pods and foxtails. Very unique looking bud. She exhibits many of the famous UK Cheese traits including the occasional double-serrated leaves, pod bud structure and opaque pistils.

The odor of funky dairy cheese when cured begs to be smoked. The flowers contain high amounts of oil. Folksare excited bythe unique look, odor and buzz of the Moon Cheese clone.

A backcross of Moon Cheese to its mother Exodus UK Cheese will be coming late 2012 as feminized seed with very strong Cheese influences.

Will also be releasing "Midwest Feral Hemp Seed" for CBD genetic research late 2012.Thanks for your interest.

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www.flyingskunkranch.comFarm Hero on 09-18-2014
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Comment Posted by: Farm Hero on 10-17-2012 at 21:20

The Midwest Feral Hemp seed is from Kansas. Testing of a rare citrus pheno of feral hemp for CBDs will happen this winter. Hemp seeds will be made available soon.

Thanks for the question.

Comment Posted by: djmjb on 10-01-2012 at 07:34
Midwest by the way of Michigan perhaps?
Comment Posted by: Farm Hero on 08-17-2012 at 17:22

The Moon Cheese cutting is like the Exodus Cheese several ways. Being a shape-shifter...appearing more indica during vegetative growth, they both switch to very thin sativa leaves in bloom. Both have occasional double-serration of their leaves with long petioles and commonly 7 leaflets. Both Moon and Exodus have "swollen bract" bud structure with opaque colored pistils. Both have skunky undertones.

How the plants are different..... I'd say the Moon Cheese is a bit more potent with a happy, active, pain relief type effect. The taste and smell is probably where the plants have different qualities as well.... the Exodus is known for it's fermented apricots, fruity pebbles/hospital cleaner odor. The Moon Cheese actually smells like dairy cheese upon cure with faint hints of lemon/lime generic candy, sorta tart and sweet smelling. An interesting odor that leaves you curious.

Also, the Moon Cheese has the similar collar-like branch supports of the Exodus, but larger and stronger so she is able to support the weight better than her mother. Above average stem to bud ratio on both plants, they both produce nice colas with very little popcorn.

The Moon Cheese leaves are much longer and larger than the Exodus cutting, giving the moon the appearance of being a jungle shrub.

Finally, the Exodus cut often has purple stripes and maroon petioles while the Moon clone is more green. They are very hard to tell apart and often I look for the purple stripes of the Exodus or at the fact the Moon Cheese is a bit more vigorous and possibly more branchy at times can help identification. Both plants really stretch in flower.

The two plants are very similar and while some of the Moon Cheeses sativa sisters had more Exodus taste and some had more skunk odor, keeping this plant above all the others was simple, it was clearly superior and verymuch likeher mother.

A reversal of the Moon Cheese to pollenate the Exodus mother has to result in some amazing sativa skunks without doubt. We are super excited about finding the Moon Cheese, like a gift was dropped into our lap.

Thanks for the question Primate.

Comment Posted by: Primate on 08-15-2012 at 20:05
How does it compare to the original Exodus cut?
Comment Posted by: LeafLady on 07-12-2012 at 07:44
mmm cheezy
Comment Posted by: Farm Hero on 07-11-2012 at 20:07

Took JT 3 years to come up with this phenotype of famous Exodus UK Cheese crossed with strong Brazilian sativa male.

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