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Strain Name: Hollands Hope
Breeder: Dutch Passion
Posted By: GrüneErd on 06-01-2009
Genotype: mostly indica
Flowering Time: 49-52 days.
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? No
Sex Characteristics: Shows quickly, no hermies to speak of.
Stature: Low, bushy, typical indica stature.
Yield: not optimum grow conditions, therefore irrelevant.
Odor: Creamy musty skunk, VERY clean, almost cologne.
Taste: Creamy cologne, hashy, Afghan for sure.
Buzz: Knock your dick in the dirt stone.
Grow Info: Clones/roots very quickly, low maintenance as far as nutes go, very quick to grow, very uniform, has been worked well by Dutch Passion. A++ for ease to grow and outcome.
Hollands Hope Ratings
Overall: 7
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Comment Posted by: afgan11 on 07-22-2011 at 09:38
I smoke just Hollands Hope DP, these nuggets have nice colour and smelly fruity/herbal+skunky. Bodystone coming behind and i wake up at next morning early.. No munchies.
The colour,tasty and smell was exotic... yum
Comment Posted by: GreenShadows on 10-07-2010 at 07:51
I agree with silverback that DP is a tough plant. It severed medium storm damage twice, came out a trooper.

My pals and I pretty much only use this for sleep because it is KO
Comment Posted by: Defunk on 03-31-2010 at 03:37

good but not a big yeld e z to clone

Comment Posted by: silverback on 06-03-2009 at 15:53
Ive grown the hh dp variety several times outdoors. It gets pretty big outside with a cactus like stature. 3/4 lb of smoke. Not to good at chop but with 90 days of cure,a pretty heavy stone. Tough plant. At 38 degrees, the plant finishes Oct 10.
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