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Strain Name: Mob Boss
Breeder: GrindHouse Medical Seeds
Posted By: Steele Savage on 05-26-2009
Genotype: 100% Indica
Flowering Time: 70 Days
Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? No
Sex Characteristics: M/F
Stature: Tall, compact flowers
Yield: Medium/High
Grow Info: This is an untested cross, however I recommend flowering earlier, as both tha Chem D and Tang Tang stretch.
Mob Boss Ratings
Overall: 9
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Chem D
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Chem D
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Mob Boss
ChemDawg D X Tang Tang Males

Chem D, the latest addition to our catalog for use in other future hybrids, has proven her place, here at the GrindHouse. This is one slip that won't be goin' anywhere, as her stoning qualities are far too valuable. Chem D has been around for some time, having a dedicated following of holders that have maintained her since ’94. After obtaining the Chem for personal grows, we received breeding rights after speaking with JoeBrand, one of the responsible party’s finding this beautiful creation. Now after growing her out several times and dialing her in, we’ve come to the conclusion that the hype surrounding this gal is spot on; she really is a worthy toke. This girl sports nice fat calyx' that glisten from their plentiful trich coverage, reeking of chemmy, floral dank. Burnt tire and pine sol overtones similar to many other Afghan/Kush lines, you can recognize the other families derived from this gal, the OG's, Diesels.... These are real resin bombs, producing more hand rub than any other variety we’ve worked with. Chem D is a strain we use for night time relief; she is far too heavy blazing this herb in the day. (The original cut of ChemDawg D is prone o lightly herm, please take this into account)

The Tang Tang, coming from our Sonja line, is mostly sativa. She grows with exaggerated node architecture, allowing for plenty of light and air penetration. They often throw huge fox tailing colas, and though appear light, are quite hard and dense. They sport golden, tall standing trichs, complete with herbal aromas and super high quality head. A large percentage will turn color going from lush green/forest green to maroon, stripping the calyx’ and covering the undersides of leaves.

Pay your respects to Mob Boss, GrindHouses’ newest marriage of ChemDawg D and our sickest Tang Tang males. We expect to once again increase yield, by introducing the Tang Tang to the Chem D. The “head” anticipated in this cross will be devastating, taking you high in thought (from the TT) and overwhelming your skull bone to slumber (the effects of Chem D). This is the only cross in the GrindHouse catalog not yet tested, as of yet.


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Comment Posted by: nemesis420 on 06-14-2012 at 02:48
i like
Comment Posted by: generalgrievous on 03-09-2010 at 09:16
this is my next round.... should be poppin' em in 3 or 4 weeks.....
Comment Posted by: ASweed on 02-04-2010 at 18:23
nice! B-)
Comment Posted by: Trichromedout on 11-11-2009 at 08:54
How can this be 100% indica with a 70 day flowering time?
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