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IC Strain Guide >> Viewing Strain: MMS-5-F White Widow (3417 Views)
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Strain Name: MMS-5-F White Widow
Breeder: Medicinal Marijuana Seeds
Flowering Time:
Grow Location:
Sea of Green?
Sex Characteristics:
Grow Info:
MMS-5-F White Widow Ratings
Overall: 8
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Genetic origin: Brazil, India
Flowering time indoors: 8 weeks
Production indoors: 1.5 oz per square foot
Flowering time outdoors: harvest end September-begin October
Production outdoors: up to 1.5 pounds per plant, depending on size
Smell and taste: pungent, spicy, peppery indica smell, with a sweet and a spicy side taste
Effect: very intense, fast flowing, high and stoned
Medicinal properties: indicated for appetite stimulation, anti-depressant and pain relief

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Comment Posted by: ASweed on 02-04-2010 at 18:28
nice! B-)
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