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Delahaze / Critical+ 2.0 Grow Report
Posted By: RamsayBolton My Strains
Genotype: Mostly Sativa
Breeder: Paradise Seeds / Dinafem
Grow Location: Indoor
Medium: Hydro and Soil
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage: 2*450W LED
Fertilizing Method:
Pruning Method:
Flowering Time:
Grow Results
Average Height:
Yield Per Plant:
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
Delahaze / Critical+ 2.0 Grow Notes
Hey Guys!

RamsayBolton from Germany here. I'm not a native speaker and i was pretty bad in english at school, but at least you should understand what i like to tell you.
This is my very first post here, so please let me introduce myself:
I'm 33 years old and i study math. My hobbies are playing chess, running, gym, playing Gwent (Card Game like Hearthstone) and, of couruse, growing Cannabis.
I started to grow Cannabis 3 years ago. I Grew several strains, both in- and outdoor.
I started to grow on soil and since about 15 months i grow with a hydroponic system.
Because of a mistake i was forced to put my Delahaze mother plants, which are in soil, into the flowering setup, so this report is somekind of "unique"...

But let me first tell you about my setup and the current status:
i have a small veggetation and mother tent, were 5 Critical+ 2.0 saw "first light" just 5 days ago and 7 days ago there were also my 5 Delahaze mother plants.
My hydroponic setup is the following:
Nutriculture EF 620 Ebb & Flow System (about 2,2 m² growing area, about 150l water tank).
2*450 W full spectrum LED, i consider this as a mid-high quality LED light.
Canna fertilizer (Veggie, Flower, Pk 13/14, Cannazym, Rhizotonic, Flower Boost, PH- and Ph+)
EC and pH meter from Hanna

Here are some pics:

and in this link you can find some pics how it SHOULD look like:

The problem with this grow was that i put the 16 Delahaze plants way too early into flowering.
Last grow were Tangie (DNA Genetics - absolutly great strain) and Delahaze from seed.
This time i made clones from my Delahaze mothers.
And i put them at about the same hight into flowering, expecting the same final hight...
Also i topped several plants, mostly in the center of the growing area, which also reduced the final hight.
Mistakes were made, but i have to look forward, so i like to make this report here, so that you well experienced growers can help me with this really complicated grow!

As i said, i put my Delahaze mothers also into the flowering light and i will put the Critical Babys (first questions: when should i do that?) in a few days/weeks there to make sure that i don't waste so much light in the following weeks.
My plan is to harvest the 16 hydro Delahaze in about 45 days, expecting about 300g (last one - the grow in the link - was about 800g) and about 25-35 days later i will harvest the soil Delahaze and Criticals (5 each) with hopefully about 500g.

some more informations: Hydro Haze: 32 days since 12/12, pH 5,8,
1,6 EC (800ppm). Soil Haze: 7 Days since 12/12, plangtron royal mix soil, 10l samrtpots. Soil Criticals: 5 days since germination, 1l pots, 20/4 light with 50w.

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Comment Posted by: Utah Beerd on 05-19-2020 at 16:12
Comment Posted by: budchopper on 03-22-2019 at 05:49
so far so good updates or make a new thread plz
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